Atari 1050 US Doubler upgrade kit For Sale

Atari 1050 US Doubler upgrade kit
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Atari 1050 US Doubler upgrade kit:

US Doubler upgrade "Kit" includes an assembled PCB, a programmed EPROM (rev. L), and 1 6810. You will replace your drive’s EPROM with the new rev. L eprom. You will remove your drive’s 6810 chip place it in the empty socket on the new board and install the board where your 6810 was. NOTE: for shipping, the EPROM will ship installed in the 6810 socket, remove the eprom to reveal the empty socket for your drive’s chip. ALSO: the board ships with a “donor socket” to protect the board’s socket… REMOVE before install!

You need your drive’s current 6810 chip or provide your own. The upgrade requires two. A working drive will have one installed.

Please research your drive BEFORE ordering! Some drives may require changing jumper positions.

NO WARRANTY. NO SUPPORT. Please make sure you research and understand what you are undertaking.

NOT Liable for any damage.

US Doubler For Atari 1050 Disk Drive

The US Doubler is a enhancement chip set for the Atari 1050 disk drive. After installation, your US Doubler 1050 will be fully compatible with the single and dual density software which you have used before, as well as full double density operation with programs which support that mode.

UltraSpeed Operation

SpartaDOS, developed by ICD, Inc., is the recommended DOS to use with the US Doubler since it opens up the UltraSpeed operation. (Without SpartaDOS, you Doubler enhanced 1050 will run at normal speed.) This high speed data transfer is accomplished by increasing the SIO baud rate from 19.2K to 54K. The UltraSpeed sector skew then allows 3 times as many sector reads for each revolution of the disk resulting in rapid I/O which sounds like machine gun fire.

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