Atari 1200XL Computer w/6 Cartridges Joysticks 850 Interface and Manuals For Sale

Atari 1200XL Computer w/6 Cartridges Joysticks 850 Interface and Manuals
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Atari 1200XL Computer w/6 Cartridges Joysticks 850 Interface and Manuals:

Atari 1200XL Computer w/6 Cartridges Joysticks 850 Interface and Manuals
The computer was taken apart and the inside was thoroughly cleaned. I also tookapart the keyboard and clean the mylar contact pad. The case was cleaned onboth the 1200XL and the 850 Interface. The power supplies were wiped down andcleaned. The joysticks and cables were cleaned. There are the normal nicks,marks, and yellowing from years of use by the previous owner. The silver part onthe front top had something, probably the plastic cover, melted down on it and leftresidue. I believe this could be taken off with more and more rubbing. I got a lot offbut gave up after a while.
The computer was tested on an Apple IIc monitor as I didn't have a good monitor totest the unit. Only a few keys were functioning thus I took it apart and cleared themylar pad. I had to press down each key about 20/30 times and then they started towork as they should. I retested the keyboard later and everything works great. I loadeda cartridge and tested the joysticks all work as they should.
Please see the photos, what you see in the photos, minus the monitor, is what you willreceive.
Please see photos for content and physical condition.
There is no warranty and I am selling as-is with no returns.
I work as high school teacher and the only days I can ship are a few on Monday, many of Tuesdays andThursdays. I don't ship on the weekend because my box store is not open on those days, I am busy testingand posting computers for sale, and I want to spend some time with my family. Thus, I place a "3 daysto ship" toaccommodate these issues.Thank you for your understanding.
I only use Global Shipping Service on International Order, no exceptions.

I will ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and PR but these areas will be subject to paying exact shipping cost that will be calculated. Please ask prior to purchasing the computer.

policies leave me with no choice but to mark each of my sales with a “no return” policy. This is being done to protect me against returns such as (buyer’s remorse). After using the item for days and weeks, the buyer can submit a return and is not obligated to reimburse the seller for shipping charges and I have to pay for shipping charges back. Even though it is marked a “no return, “a buyer can still submit a return if the item was not as described or the item was damaged during shipping. Also, I do not need an policy to do what is right and accept the item back if it wasn’t as described or damaged during shipping. Keep in mind, that I mainly sell vintage computers and vintage computer accessories. That said even though the box/item may not show damage, the internal mechanism may have been damaged or jarred from a rough truck and/or plane ride. I will work with ALL my customers to resolve the problem. Recently, I have had to take back items where the buyer didn’t check with mom/dad, husband/wife, or God prior to buying and did a return. forced me to take the item back. Personally, I do not think that this is an acceptable way to return items. Many of the sellers on here are just trying to provide for their families and this kind of previous return is not fair to the seller. We are not Walmart or Costco that cannot absorb these financial damages. Again, I will work with all my costumers to ensure that they are happy with the item they purchased. Thank you for your patronage.

I send monitors and huge computers all over the world, including Asia and Europe without issues. I will secure the item that is purchased and pack it well as it not only affects the buyer but also the seller when not packed properly. Thanks for the interest.

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