Atari 130 XE Computer with SD Drive, 1050 DD, 810 DD, Printer Adapter and discs For Sale

Atari 130 XE Computer with SD Drive, 1050 DD, 810 DD, Printer Adapter and discs

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Atari 130 XE Computer with SD Drive, 1050 DD, 810 DD, Printer Adapter and discs:

Atari 130 XE for sale.It comes with the original box (matching serial numbers), owner’s manual. Atari 1050 and Atari 810 Disk drives. I “think” the 810 may be a HAPPY. Not100% sure as I know nothing about the Happy system. But it does have a toggle switch on back so Iassume that is what it is. There is aParallel printer adapter to connect a non-Atari printer. I have some software on Disk as well as an SDdrive with hundreds upon hundreds of files containing Word Processors, Games,Utilities, Languages like Pascal (3 or 4 versions) and demos. This thing is THE coolest add-on I have everused and I have used Atari since 1983. Thereare too many programs to list but, if you are looking for a particular title, Iwill be more than happy to boot the SD drive up and see if it is on there. Just send me a note through . I also have some books on the ATARI 8-bitmachines as well as some owner’s manuals.Everything works as it should as you can see from the pictures. NO WARRANTY as this thing is going on 40years old. I would like for it to go toan Atari enthusiast as it just sits on a shelf going to waste. As much as I hate to let it go, I know it won’tlast forever. That being said, I wouldrather someone get some use out of it; even if it is only playing games. Gonna be expensive to ship, probably around80 – 90 dollars is my guess. (dependingon weight and distance) Or you can pickup free if you are local. I will meetyou at Home Depot or Wal Mart to make the transaction. Everything is in really nice condition. If you want more pics of any particular item,please ask I will send whatever you need.As always, please look carefully as I am selling this as-is. I don’t want any hurt feelings or someonesaying I was misleading. I would keep itbefore I would do that. Good luck andthanks for looking. Will ship using UPS and will ship to US shipping only. If we need to make sure on the shipping amount, I can always pack it up, take it to UPS and get an exact amount. That would potentially make it cheaper. Also, the price isn't etched in stone. Make an offer and we will see if we can work something out. If it rejects your offer, message me. I try and be easy to get along with.

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