Atari 130XE package deal NTSC tested passes PBI salts A8picoCart SIO2PC w/cables For Sale

Atari 130XE package deal NTSC tested passes PBI salts A8picoCart SIO2PC w/cables
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Atari 130XE package deal NTSC tested passes PBI salts A8picoCart SIO2PC w/cables:

Awesome Atari 130XE package deals! All you need to go back in time to the world of Atari! Plug in and switch on! Systems pass all onboard tests and pass the PBI Super SALT diagnostics (Atari technician test circuit board and software tool for XE). The system has a very clear display - see actual photos, super clean image from composite video cables included. Ports are all tested as well, SIO, cartridge, game ports etc., all tested and working well. Antic, MMU, GTIA and OS ROM are all socketed for a much easier install of popular upgrades including the ultimate 1MB. Some of the units are fully socketed including the RAM. Keyboards tested / cleaned / or mylar replaced.

Package deals comes with the following items

1 each - Atari 130XE refurbished and fully tested!

1 of each of the accessory kit listed below

Accessory kit included 75.00 value

- Composite video cable

- 2amp power cable

- A8PicoCart - multigame cartridge with 16GB space. Hold hundreds of ROMs and other applications

- SIO2PC with mini USB cable (drive emulator) - use your pc to load and run programs from the Atari - directions included.

The photos have all been updated and are one of these featured units. If you have any questions on this great deal, please message me. Super nice 8 bit Atari's with lots of cool features!

I put a lot of professional time into these enhancements. You can get cheap Atari’s that are untested or not working, this isn't one of them! Price will NOT be lowered - the right offer may be considered. Here is quick expense breakdown of typical units I refurbish.

Untested atari 150.00-220 w shipping

repair parts 40.00-60.00 sometimes more...

repair and cleaning socketing service 4-5 hours

cables and accessories 40.00

a8picoCart 32.95 + shipping

SIO2PC 15.00 + shipping

You could pay over 400.00 getting all these items individually and spend many hours cleaning and refurbishing the Atari PC. This is ready to go with all popular accessories!

See my other sales as well. I have individually wrapped items :) including SIO2PC and A8PicoCart devices and will be posting other 8bit NTSC based systems. Thanks for looking!

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