Atari 400 Restoration UAV | Video MOD w\48K RAM | LED MOD | New Power Supply For Sale

Atari 400 Restoration UAV | Video MOD w\48K RAM | LED MOD | New Power Supply
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Atari 400 Restoration UAV | Video MOD w\48K RAM | LED MOD | New Power Supply:

Atari 400 Reconditioned MOD Video Ultimate Atari Rev.D | Audio IBA | LED MOD | Includes 5 Pin Din Cable | New Atari power Supply
See Shop Worksheet For Details - We Show All Our Work .. Where Others Don't

Pricing Schedule: Based on internal components, added functionality, console cosmetics and wear.


1ea.Original Atari 400 AssyNumber: C014706 REV.A

–Reconditionedwith UAVMOD Audio Filtering | Custom Retro Blue LED.

1ea. New Atari Power Supply

1ea.New 5 Pin Din AV Cable for Composite Video | S-Video

1ea.Copy Of EpR’s Shop Worksheet

Atari400 Reconditioned Ultimate Atari Video Rev.D 5pin Din Cable Composite& S-Video Output

Thisis an awesome build as we have taken it from RF output to AVComposite & S-Video. Great upgrade MOD. Our team spent over ayear testing different AV PCBs to find the best.

Thesebuild releases are rare as it is hard to find Atari 400’s that meetour standard to recondition and MOD.


ManufacturedLocation: Sunnyvale

MainBoard Assy Number: C014706A Rev.

*All capacitors replaced with high quality components

*All IC’s sockets Replaced with doubled sided contacts.

*Video Ultimate Atari Video Rev.D Bryan’s – Output S-Video &Composite

*LED MOD – Retro blue Power indicator by EpR

*Sound MOD to support all devices by “TheBrewing Academy”

*MOD’d Cartridge to play without top being closed

*Power regulators up graded to switching type

Note:Newly Installed Capacitor's Voltage Ratings May Be Greater ThanOriginal's.

FieldService Manual FD100740 REV .02 June 1985



[Y]--- All Field Changes are updated.



[Y]--- Cleaned and UV protective coat applied - Notes

[N]--- Feet pads replaced - Notes: Pads Good

[N]--- Crack repairs- Notes:

[N]--- Original re-color touch up:

ServiceCheck List


[Y]--- All IC's have Sockets

[N]--- Channel Select Switch Tested / Cleaned -Not needed with Video UAV(Ultimate Atari Video Rev.D) PCB board MOD.

[Y]--- All (4) Switches - Cleaned

[N]--- Switches Replaced - New [ ] - Used [ ] Note:

[Y]--- Board Re-Flow [Main Board] - Notes: 40% HAND SOLDERING

[N]--- Ship with RF TV Coaxial F Plug Female Adapter - Replaces oldstyle RF box - NOT REQUIRED WITH UAV MOD.

DiagnosticTest Cartridge 2.05 SALT Diagnostic Cart:


[Y]--- Color Adjustment - Game color verified:

[Y]--- Switch tested

[Y]--- 9 pin controller ports

[N]--- Atari Board Trace Diagnostic Cartridge - Note: Not Required

Modificationsto Original Design - Fill in as needed


[Y]--- Video UAV (Ultimate Atari Video Rev.D) PCB board. AV (Composite &S-video)

[Y]--- Drilled lower console for 5 pin din cable. AV (Composite) &S-video

[Y}--- LED Power On Indicator (Blue) console mounted.

[Y]--- Power MOD - Changed from regulator type to Switching Power SupplyConverter - Less heat - less EMI and longer hrs lifetime.

[Y]--- Atari Sound MOD By “The Brewing Academy” to pickup allexternal devices.

VideoAudio Supported Output:

  • S-Video

  • Composite Audio Video


  • This unit was designed to be tweaked to your TV | Monitor with original Audio Video Pods & UAV Pod.

  • Audio & Video signals are lost over the distance of the AV cables; keep your AV cables as short as possible for better reception.

  • Game Cartridge Maintenance - Never blow on cartridge pins, the moisture from your breath causes corrosion. Always Clean Pins with alcohol swabs before or after usage.

  • We Recommend Cleaning Button Keys annually to avoid switch damage [Alcohol & Lite Lubricant].

  • Caution Removing console screws, when reinserting screws .. turn counter-clockwise until you feel a slight click .. then tighten screw clockwise. This will help avoid cross-threading, breaking post or cracking threaded post. Do not use power drivers when removing or replacing screws.

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