Atari 800 with INCOGNITO Board For Sale

Atari 800 with INCOGNITO Board

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Atari 800 with INCOGNITO Board:

Atari 800 with incognito board.
- Tested and working (keyboard, SIO port, cartridge port, joystick ports all tested)- Black case- Top of the case is not present. Custom 3D printed piece covers the incognito board- Jameco Reliapro ADU090150A2231- New composite cable (RF cable is not present)- Incognito board with FJC firmware:
  • 16GB SD card loaded with games/utilities/demos (SIDE loader with ATR and XEX handling is built-in into INCOGNITO)
  • Disk switch button tastefully installed on the side, next to power button
  • SpartaDosX
  • 64k of FLASH for future GUI
  • onboard Real-time clock
  • 64k/320k/576/1088k total memory available in XL/XE mode (configurable)
  • up to 52k of memory in Colleen mode (configurable)

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