Atari 800XL with 320k RAM, Video, and PBI upgrades For Sale

Atari 800XL with 320k RAM, Video, and PBI upgrades
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Atari 800XL with 320k RAM, Video, and PBI upgrades:

For sale is a refurbished and upgraded Atari 800XL.
  • Processor is a 6502C Sally running at 1.79 Mhz.
  • Video is NTSC utilizing GTIA and of RAM external PBI board, divided into 64k of Base RAM plus 256k RAMBO compatible extended RAM. (See picture. $75.00 value.)
  • Monitor port has been modified for S-Video by adding chroma output. Picture has been improved by disabling C54 and C56. RF and composite output have been disabled in order to improve S-Video output. Composite output can be provided with a cheap adapter but S-Video provides a much better picture than composite video. RF output is not supported by almost all modern television sets and monitors so it is considered a reasonable trade-off to disable the RF output as doing so improves the S-Video display.
  • +5VDC has been added to the PBI port as some after-market peripherals will utilize PBI power.
Testing and adjustment:
  • With the exception of the disabled RF port (see above), all ports have been tested to ensure they work properly.
  • The color adjustment has been set to ensure proper colors are displayed.
  • Keyboard has been tested to ensure functionality.
  • Sound is working properly.
  • Tested with a Tournament game of M.U.L.E. loaded from a floppy disk on a 1050 floppy drive. (Not included.)

Power supply is not included. (Computer was tested with an Atari power supply that I have for another Atari 800XL.)
Power and video cables can be purchased here: that I have no affiliation with the above website.

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