Atari STE TOS 2.06 OS Upgrade (US version) For Sale

Atari STE TOS 2.06 OS Upgrade (US version)

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Atari STE TOS 2.06 OS Upgrade (US version):

Atari 520 / 1040 STE TOS Upgrade
One of the easier and semi-popular STE upgrades is upgrading the TOS to 2.06.
TOS2.06 is the last TOS version for ST/STE computers which include various bug fixes along with:
  • 1.44 MB disk support (you still need a floppy upgrade kit to use 1.44 floppy's)
  • Memory test
  • Adds GTP program support (GEM-Takes-Parameters)
  • Greatly enhanced GEM GUI
  • IDE hard disk booting. Atari logo display at boot-up
  • Automatic cold boot memory test
  • Supports higher resolutions
This upgrade includes 2 32pin Eproms containingversion 2.06 of TOS. US Version.
Instructions to install the upgrade can be found online, but mainlyinclude ensuring you have 32 pin sockets, replacing theproms, and setting the jumperNOTE: Free shipping applies to 48 cont US only.
NOTE: Due to problems with buyers with low response and no way to block them from my sales, please do not offer or buy this item if your response score is less than 100... Your offer/order will be cancelled.

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