Bare S100 CPU Replacement for ALTAIR 8800 IMSAI 8080 JAIR Single Board Computer For Sale

Bare S100 CPU Replacement for ALTAIR 8800 IMSAI 8080 JAIR Single Board Computer
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Bare S100 CPU Replacement for ALTAIR 8800 IMSAI 8080 JAIR Single Board Computer:

You are offerding on a Blank PCB to build what is shown in the first picture.
You will get the Blank PCB, a programmed EPROM and a SD Card socket.
All other parts are not included.
Shipping is for North America. Please ask for international shipping and I will manually enter.This S100 board is designed to be a complete system replacement for your ALTAIR 8800 or IMSAI 8080 computer.
It will interface with the front panel of either computer (includes the Molex and 16 pin DIP socket).It has ROM, RAM, serial ports, parallel ports and an SD card that can boot CP/M.Uses the 8080 CPU at 2Mhz.It can be used as a tool to help trouble shoot and test your other S100 boards. The RAM, I/O and CPU can be disabled.
eg. Disable the CPU to use board as Memory and I/O only, then test your CPU board with it.
or Disable a block of RAM and test your own RAM boards.The board can even be configured as a stand alone computer, the extra holes allow 4 stand offs and a header accepts power (3 voltages).
The S100 connector can be ignored.Features:
32K ROM, switchable in/out
64K RAM, can be disabled in blocks of 8K (or less using Phantom line) to allow access to your RAM or RAM mapped I/O on the S-100 bus.
Two serial ports, complete with 24" ribbon cables that terminate to DB9M.
Two parallel ports
One SD Card socket to load programs and emulate CP/M Floppy disks
CPU can be disabled
S100 bus gold platedAll chips are 74LSxx type, no PAL's, no GAL's, no modern processors emulating.
All chips are through hole.
SD Card interface is through a 4 chip 74LSxxx circuit that creates SPI.Listing includes: Blank Board as shown, Programmed EPROM and SD Card Socket.Bill of Material, Manual, Schematics, Firmware & Source code are available on the internet at S100computers.
Sample files to run CP/M are included. Sources on the internet indicate CP/M no longer requires licensing, but if there are any licenses required for CP/M they are your responsibility and not included in this sale.

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