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Basic Analogue Computer Techniques * CDROM * PDF For Sale

Basic Analogue Computer Techniques * CDROM * PDF
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Basic Analogue Computer Techniques * CDROM * PDF:

Basic Analogue Computer Techniques

C.A. Stewart & R. Atkinson (1967)

The purpose of this book is to provide practical instruction in the basic principles of analogue computing by following a course of selected problems. The choice of such problems is based on experience, gained over several years, in teaching students of engineering and science in technical colleges and grammar school sixth form pupils.

Fascinating book about computers from the late 60's.

116 Pages on CDROM in Adobe PDF format.



Symbols Representing Basic Computer Units

Chapter 1 Basic Linear Units

  • The Operational Amplifier
  • Use as a Summer
  • Use as an Integrator
  • The Computing Potentiometer
  • Experiment 1. Use of Summers
  • Experiment 2. Use of Integrators
  • Experiment 3. Simple Applications on Integration

Chapter 2 Amplitude Scaling

  • Scale Factors
  • Experiment 4. A Simple Problem in Dynamics
  • Experiment 5. The Discharge of a Capacitor
  • Experiment 6. A Problem in Particle Dynamics with Variable Acceleration

Chapter 3 The Solution of Problems Involving Ordinary Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients

  • Introduction
  • First Order Differential Equations
  • Second Order Differential Equations
  • Estimation of Scale Factors
  • The Equal Coefficient Rule
  • Experiment 7. Solution of a First Order Differential Equation
  • Experiment 8. Solution of a Second Order Differential Equation
  • Experiment 9. Generation of Sine and Cosine Functions
  • Experiment 10. A Second Order Differential Equation with Variable Damping Coefficients
  • Experiment 11. Solution of Simultaneous Differential Equations when Knowledge of the Problem Variables is Available
  • Experiment 12. Solution of Simultaneous Differential Equations when Prior Knowledge of the Variables is not Available
  • Experiment 13. Forced Mechanical Oscillations
  • Experiment 14. Coupled Circuits
  • Experiment 15. The Force Developed by a Hawser
  • Further Exercises

Chapter 4 Time Scaling

  • Introduction
  • Methods of Time Scaling
  • Summary of Method of Solution of a Differential Equation
  • Experiment 16. Slowing down a Second Order Differential Equation
  • Experiment 17. Speeding up a First Order Differential Equation Given in Problem Form
  • Experiment 18. Xenon Poisoning in a Nuclear Reactor
  • Experiment 19. Simultaneous Differential Equations Requiring Time Scaling
  • Experiment 20. A Suspension Problem
  • Further Exercises

Chapter 5 The Use of Non-Linear Units

Chapter 6 The Use of Transfer Functions

  • Transfer Functions
  • Simple Block Diagrams
  • The Use of RC Networks to Simulate Transfer Functions
  • Checking the Accuracy of Transfer Functions
  • Experiment 25. The Differentiator
  • Experiment 26. The Simple Lag Transfer Function
  • Experiment 27. The Quadratic Transfer Function
  • Experiment 28. The Synthesis of Transfer Functions
  • Experiment 29. Simulation of Automatic Control
  • Further Exercises



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