CISCO ASA5506-X Firewall FirePOWER6.2.3 asa9.92 ASDM7.92 ASA5506-K9 NOT AFFECTED For Sale

CISCO ASA5506-X Firewall FirePOWER6.2.3 asa9.92 ASDM7.92 ASA5506-K9 NOT AFFECTED

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CISCO ASA5506-X Firewall FirePOWER6.2.3 asa9.92 ASDM7.92 ASA5506-K9 NOT AFFECTED:

Includes Power Adapter and Console Cable.
RUNNING asa9.92, ASDM-7.92, FirePOWER 6.2.3 .
8Gig Flash, 4Gig DRAM, 64Gig SSD.
Clean/Tested Unit.TEST REPORTciscoasa# show module all
Mod Card Type Model Serial No.---- ------------------ ----------- 1 ASA 5506-X with SW, 8GE Data, 1GE Mgmt, AC ASA5506 JAD20220CG2sfr FirePOWER Services Software Module ASA5506 JAD20220CG2
Mod MAC Address Range Hw Version Fw Version Sw Version---- --------------------------------- ------------ ------------ --------------- -------------- 1 cc16.7e36.312e to cc16.7e36.3137 1.1 1.1.8 9.9(2)36sfr cc16.7e36.312d to cc16.7e36.312d N/A N/A 6.2.3-83
Mod SSM Application Name Status SSM Application Version---- ------------------------------ ---------------- --------------------------sfr ASA FirePOWER Up 6.2.3-83
Mod Status Data Plane Status Compatibility---- ------------------ --------------------- ------------- 1 Up Sys Not Applicablesfr Up Up
ciscoasa# show verCisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.9(2)36Firepower Extensible Operating System Version 2.3(1.122)Device Manager Version 7.9(2)
Compiled on Wed 12-Dec-18 16:53 PST by buildersSystem image file is "disk0:/asa992-36-lfbff-k8.SPA"Config file at boot was "startup-config"
ciscoasa up 10 mins 53 secs
Hardware: ASA5506, 4096 MB RAM, CPU Atom C2000 series 1250 MHz, 1 CPU (4 cores)Internal ATA Compact Flash, 8000MBBIOS Flash M25P64 0xfed01000, 16384KB
Encryption hardware device : Cisco ASA Crypto on-board accelerator (revision 0x1) Number of accelerators: 1
1: Ext: GigabitEthernet1/1 : address is cc16.7e36.312f, irq 2552: Ext: GigabitEthernet1/2 : address is cc16.7e36.3130, irq 2553: Ext: GigabitEthernet1/3 : address is cc16.7e36.3131, irq 2554: Ext: GigabitEthernet1/4 : address is cc16.7e36.3132, irq 2555: Ext: GigabitEthernet1/5 : address is cc16.7e36.3133, irq 2556: Ext: GigabitEthernet1/6 : address is cc16.7e36.3134, irq 2557: Ext: GigabitEthernet1/7 : address is cc16.7e36.3135, irq 2558: Ext: GigabitEthernet1/8 : address is cc16.7e36.3136, irq 2559: Int: Internal-Data1/1 : address is cc16.7e36.312e, irq 25510: Int: Internal-Data1/2 : address is 0000.0001.0002, irq 011: Int: Internal-Control1/1 : address is 0000.0001.0001, irq 012: Int: Internal-Data1/3 : address is 0000.0001.0003, irq 013: Ext: Management1/1 : address is cc16.7e36.312e, irq 014: Int: Internal-Data1/4 : address is 0000.0100.0001, irq 0
Licensed features for this platform:Maximum Physical Interfaces : Unlimited perpetualMaximum VLANs : 5 perpetualInside Hosts : Unlimited perpetualFailover : Disabled perpetualEncryption-DES : Enabled perpetualEncryption-3DES-AES : Enabled perpetualCarrier : Disabled perpetualAnyConnect Premium Peers : 2 perpetualAnyConnect Essentials : Disabled perpetualOther VPN Peers : 10 perpetualTotal VPN Peers : 12 perpetualAnyConnect for Mobile : Disabled perpetualAnyConnect for Cisco VPN Phone : Disabled perpetualAdvanced Endpoint Assessment : Disabled perpetualShared License : Disabled perpetualTotal TLS Proxy Sessions : 2 perpetualBotnet Traffic Filter : Disabled perpetualCluster : Disabled perpetual
This platform has a Base license.
Serial Number: JAD20220CG2Running Permanent Activation Key: 0xa10ed37c 0x78f49ac3 register is 0x1Image type : ReleaseKey Version : A
ciscoasa# show invName: "Chassis", DESCR: "ASA 5506-X with SW, 8GE Data, 1GE Mgmt, AC"PID: ASA5506 , VID: V02 , SN: JMX202******
Name: "Storage Device 1", DESCR: "ASA 5506-X SSD"PID: ASA5506-SSD , VID: N/A , SN: MSA20130AMRciscoasa# dir flash:
Directory of disk0:/
113 -rwx 32738292 19:33:28 Jan 20 2019 asdm-792.bin114 -rwx 63 19:36:30 Jan 20 2019 .boot_string11 drwx 4096 22:30:16 May 31 2016 log21 drwx 4096 22:31:08 May 31 2016 crypto_archive115 -rwx 4096 00:00:00 Jan 01 1980 FSCK0000.REC116 -rwx 4096 00:00:00 Jan 01 1980 FSCK0001.REC22 drwx 4096 22:34:18 May 31 2016 coredumpinfo118 -rwx 4096 00:00:00 Jan 01 1980 FSCK0002.REC119 -rwx 39032347 12:29:10 Sep 29 2016 anyconnect-win-3.1.14018-k9.pkg120 -rwx 12895117 12:29:20 Sep 29 2016 -rwx 28672 00:00:00 Jan 01 1980 FSCK0003.REC122 -rwx 4096 00:00:00 Jan 01 1980 FSCK0004.REC123 -rwx 111503184 19:36:02 Jan 20 2019 asa992-36-lfbff-k8.SPA
10 file(s) total size: 196214059 bytes7934787584 bytes total (4515061760 bytes free/56% Please read our policy throughly to have a confident purchase! ------------------------------
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