COMMODORE 64 / 128 Wifi Modem - Connect Your Commodore To BBS Sites Wirelessly For Sale

COMMODORE 64 / 128 Wifi Modem - Connect Your Commodore To BBS Sites Wirelessly

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COMMODORE 64 / 128 Wifi Modem - Connect Your Commodore To BBS Sites Wirelessly:

COMMODORE 64 / 128 Wifi Modem

That’s right! Connect your Commodore 64 / 128** / Vic / Plus 4 to BBS Sites Wirelessly @ speeds up to 9600 baud!

Can be used with power from the commodore or externally powered by a usb cable. (See switch on modem) It is shipped set to be powered by the commodore. **Do not have external power connected if using power from the commodore! Here is a link to my how to video Please remember to like and subscribe **

My BBS is currently down please try my friends First Boot! ***

Follow these steps in order:

*Load CCGMS 2017, select User Port, and select 300 baud

*Go back to terminal mode

*Power on the device if using external power and hit enter

*A menu should show up from the modem letting you know it’s alive!

*Hit F8 to go to Ascii mode (Anscii mode) and enter your ssid and password with the following terminal commands: at$ssid=ssid and at$pass=password

*F8 to go back to the Graphics terminal and type atc1 to connect. This may take a few attempts to connect.

*Use the commands at&p0 and at&k1 . Without doing these 9600 baud will lock up your c64

*Change the baud rate by using the command at$sb=9600

*Go back to the Terminal F7 Menu and select Up9600 Baud / 9600 Baud

*Go back to the terminal, and you should be able to see at and ok reponses.

*Use at&w to write these settings to the esp8266.

*All done. Now your settings should be set every time you boot CCGMS 2017!

** Now try it on friends BBS and become a member!!

type in at the terminal:


If you have any questions.... feel free to contact me. I will help if I can.

~~~~~~ C128 Users please read ~~~~~~~

** The modem installed on the user port conflicts with the Commodore 128’s Burst IEC serial mode. And, since the 128 tries to boot from disk drive #8 on boot, and it uses Burst serial to talk to a 1571 disk drive, it freezes on boot if such a drive is connected.

The workaround on a regular 128 is to use a 1541 floppy or SD2IEC

The work around is to cut trace 5 on the modem. It won’t run at 9600 baud but will max out at 2400.

I will have a new modem out soon that will have a switch to “cut” trace 5.

Now for the fine print:

I will not be held responsible for items lost in the mail. Please allow for up to 5 weeks for item to arrive to some areas of the world. Shipping times are out of my control.

Note that some countries might add Tax or customs fees. All local TAX and fees are the buyers responsibility. Please give me the chance to rectify any problems before you leave negative response

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