Cisco MA-SFP-1GB-SX Transceiver Module (600-22040-C) For Sale

Cisco MA-SFP-1GB-SX Transceiver Module (600-22040-C)

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Cisco MA-SFP-1GB-SX Transceiver Module (600-22040-C):


Cisco MA-SFP-1GB-SX Transceiver Module (600-22040-C)

Grade C4 - Used Good

Product Functionality Grade F4 - Hardware Functional

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Cosmetic Description

  1. CO - Not Categorized
  2. C1 - Damaged: Material is for base commodity recovery
  3. C2 - Used Poor: Heavy use and age; Cosmetic blemishes are significant; damage to latches, hinges, keyboard, etc.; critical parts are missing.
  4. C3 - Used Fair: Moderate use and age; cosmetic blemishes, dents, discoloration, and heavy scratches; Damage to latches hinges, keyboards etc.; some parts, panels, bezels, or covers may be missing.
  5. C4 - Used Good: Blemishes such as scratches, surface imperfections but equipment is in good condition overall; minor wear of labeling; small dents or areas of discoloration; no damage to latches or hinges, nor any missing parts, panels, bezels, or covers.
  6. C5 - Used Very Good: Blemishes including minor scratches and/or other surface imperfections, minor wear of labeling, minor dents, minor discoloration, No missing parts
  7. C6 - Used Excellent: May have light scratches or other minor blemishes but overall excellent cosmetic conditions; fully cleaned with all non-original labels removed; No missing parts.
  8. C7 - Certified Pre-Owned: Seller or manufacturer refurbished; fully restored to like-new condition with warranty; fully cleaned and cosmetically repaired with no blemishes; No missing parts.
  9. C8 - Unused: New out of box unused equipment removed from original packaging with no signs of wear or alteration
  10. C9 - New Open Box: unused equipment in original packaging where factory seals have been broken no sign of wear or alteration

Product Functionality Description
  1. F1 - Collectible or specialty equipment: Rare Vintage and no longer manufactured or supported by the OEM; specialty equipment are not generally available in retail; may have broken or missing parts
  2. F2 - Verified Specialty Electronics: Verified removed from operation with no known defects in functionality; no physical damage or defects; no corrosion; no missing parts; Part numbers and serial numbers are verified accurately.
  3. F3 - Key Functions Working
    1. A subset of the primary functions of the device that the ordinary user of the device expects to function are verified working
    2. Software may not be loaded or configured
    3. Hardware required for key functions to be tested may have been removed after testing
    4. May be missing components or parts will be listed for each item
    5. Secondary functions may not be tested or working
    6. May not include focus materials that are not working or not tested
    7. All missing components or parts will be listed for each item
  4. F4 - Hardware Functional:
    1. All Hardware is tested and verified working through manual or software tests.
    2. No missing or damaged components or parts
    3. Software not loaded or configured
    4. No hardware defects
  5. F5 - Refurbished:
    1. All functions tested and verified working through software test
    2. Loaded and configured with legal licensed software for full operations
    3. Software not loaded or configured
    4. No hardware defects
  6. F6 - Like New
    1. All Functions tested and verified working through software test
    2. Repaired with OEM or original parts
    3. Loaded and configured with original manufacturers? legal licensed software for full operation
    4. Meets OEM Specifications for full original functionality
    5. Software test results are available
    6. Zero Defects

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