Commodore 64 Bundle Restored, Heatsinked, and Fully Tested w/ Extras, See desc For Sale

Commodore 64 Bundle Restored, Heatsinked, and Fully Tested w/ Extras, See desc

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Commodore 64 Bundle Restored, Heatsinked, and Fully Tested w/ Extras, See desc:

are offerding on a Commodore 64 computer in excellent condition, fully cleaned/restored,100%tested and working, guaranteed!This sale includes the original box and power supply, as well as a modern composite video cable.
SN P01509958

Under the hood:
* PCA Assy No 250407 rev C;NTSC w/ 8pin video port
* Heatsinks added to key components for improved cooling: VIC, SID, PLA, and MPU
*Pics taken prior to heatsink installation to document revision information
*Thermal tape used to hold heatsinks tightly in place, yet removeable if needed
* Top side cardboard and VIC shields removed for improved airflow, bottom metal RF shield/pan is clean and in place.
* All socketed parts removed, detox-it'd, and re-placed
* All vintage era chips throughout (see pics)

Cleaning/Case condition:
* Keyboard completely disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, and tested.
* Key caps, plungers/contactors, springs, frame, and PCB all cleaned individually.
* Case meticulously cleaned/scrubbed, then retrobrite process applied to brighten it up.
* UV protectant applied to reduce future discoloration.
* Top and bottom halves well matched/fitting.Sits flat with no overhang or warpage.
* All 3 rear hinge tabs are intact, structural integrity is solid.
* Imperfections: (see pictures)
* There are two small light marks on the front edge, below the space bar.
* The bottom has a few white dots where the internal screws pressed the plastic
* Inside the case, 4 of the bosses that hold the circuit board in place were cracked/broken.
* Replaced then with 3D printed bosses, held down tight now.Original Box Condition:
* Has some worn edges/corners, the cardboard is showing its years. See pictures.
* Free of any stains, tape or writing
* Has internal narrow box to hold power supply, etc.
* Box does not have a serial number sticker

Power Supply:
* Vintage supply was tested under loaded conditions and currently meets voltage/noise requirements.
* After verification, tested it with this system several games and test suites without issue.
*However:These supplies have been known to fail in such away that can damage components in the C64!It is recommended that you instead use a modern replacement power supply to ensure ongoing years of reliable operation.

Video Cable:
* Composite video plus audio out of C64 Video DIN connector
* Audio includes hum filter circuit for best sound.
* Brand new, only used to test in combination with this C64.Testing:
* Takes place after all final repairs, cleaning, heatsinking.
* Shake test (shipping simulation)
* Commodore dead test
* Commodore diagnostic suite with test harness looping, minimum 100 passes (see pic)
* Manually Verify3ROM checksums and basic sound
* Detailed sound test using SID Tester Utility: 3 voices, 3 waveforms + noise, filters, envelopes, modulation
* All 3 Video modes checked: S-Video, Composite, and Modulated ch3 & 4
* Keyboard individual key test
* Connect 1541 floppy or Pi1541 and test with several programs/gamesAbout me and my process:
I'm a retired Electrical Engineer (25 years with Intel) who has been interested in C64s since my first one in 1983.
All work is done in an ESD safe environment with professional equipment.
I take great care and pride in restoring these old machines to operating like new!Sale includes Commodore 64 Computer, original Box, Power Supply, and video cable only.
Other peripherals not included. I'm happy to make detailed recommendations, feel free to ask!Unit will be well wrapped in ESD safe (pink) bubble wrap for physical and electrical safety during shipping.Please contact me with any questions and I will respond promptly.
Thank you for your consideration!ID:

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