Commodore Amiga 2000 / 2500 ECS Motherboard NEW For Sale

Commodore Amiga 2000 / 2500 ECS Motherboard NEW

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Commodore Amiga 2000 / 2500 ECS Motherboard NEW :

Brand new Complete A2000 MotherboardECS Agnus ECS DeniseNew Video Hybrid100% New with New old stock chipsHigh end leak-proof capacitorsFinest Quality ComponentsProfessional soldering equipment / techniquesSee my response, offer with Confidence
This motherboard comes complete with 68000 CPU and 3.1.4 Amiga OS as well as installation media on floppy. The commodore factory bottom shield is not included and is not required for operation. No expense was spared in building this motherboard and is as close as one could possibly come to obtaining a brand new motherboard short of traveling back in time. Amiga 2000 remake motherboard is a 1 for 1 copy of the commodore motherboard but adds voltage rail LEDS. All chips have been socketed for easy future replacement if needed. Chips are brand new as well but are old stock of course, notice the chip date codes are all 1991 to 1992 vintage at the end of production. 100% tested including the Amiga Zorro slots and IBM slots using a A2286 bridgecard. Video and CPU slots have also been tested as well as all ports utilizing a GURU Rom. As stable as a factory new Amiga, no issues what so ever. Includes PAL clock crystal but I can include an NTSC crystal if desired. For more information please see the Amiga 2000 remake project on GitHub and see my buyers response on my other Commodore projects.

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