Commodore Amiga 500 - Highly prized "Chicken Lips" Amiga- NTSC working w/ A501 For Sale

Commodore Amiga 500 - Highly prized
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Commodore Amiga 500 - Highly prized "Chicken Lips" Amiga- NTSC working w/ A501:

The Chicken Lips A500 wasn’t very cost reduced at all compared to what came later. In fact, this Amiga computer came with some very specific components considered by many to be best-of-class, shared only with her fraternal twin, the Amiga 2000.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Amiga 500 “Chicken Lips” computer so special and highly sought after to this very day.

See more details at - dir="ltr" style="margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0;">The quickest way to identify a Chicken Lips A500 is usually by the case badge. If the case badge is an embossed Commodore “C=“ logo, it’s not a guarantee you’ll have all of the goodies, but it should at least get your heart beating a little faster because you just might. The Amiga 500 Chicken Lips also sports a solid filled C= logo on the left side. And on the right it has a very unusual, solid “A” at half the normal size. If you see an Amiga 500 with these two keycaps combined with the embossed logo, your heart rate should be at dangerous levels at this point. Just ignore that fitness strap on your wrist smile to the beat.What makes the Chicken Lips 500 shine even brighter is what’s found directly below its keycaps. This special Amiga, along with a rare keyboard made for the Amiga 2000, has a very high-end mechanical keyboard that uses the exquisite NMB Hi-Tek Series 725 switches, aka “Space Invaders”. (This is why I have the Amoeba Invaders video.)

There are several variations of switches, but the ones in the Chicken Lips keyboards are known as White Linear. This same switch can be found in some very early and quite rare Amiga 2000, Commodore PC-5 and PC-10 keyboards.

Includes: Tank Mouse, A500 Power supply, NTSC A500 "Chicken Lips", A510 memory expansion and clock, and original box without packing.   Not incuding: monitor or floppies shown. Added Amiga user guide and AmigaDOS 1.3.

This will take me some time to pack so that it can be delivered safely to you. So please be understanding of how long it takes to get this one out and shipped.

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