Commodore Amiga DB23 RGB to VGA Flickerfixer Scandoubler Monitor For Sale

Commodore Amiga DB23 RGB to VGA Flickerfixer Scandoubler Monitor

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Commodore Amiga DB23 RGB to VGA Flickerfixer Scandoubler Monitor:

Commodore Amiga VGA Adapter
COMPLETE KIT!External design to easily move between all your OCS and ECS Amigas (AGA Amigas in 15kHz screenmodes only)Original Amiga monitors are becoming scarce, and are expensive to ship. And how long are they going to last?
It is with this in mind thatI have put together a complete kit that includes everything you need to connect an OCS/ECS Amiga's 15kHz 23-pin RGB outputto a standard VGA monitor. Comes with one of my hand-made DB23 cables, a VGA cable, and a power brick. The adapter board supports selectable output resolutions of up to 1360x768.
It does work on Amigas running in PAL mode.This kit comes with a North American power supply. If you live in a country that does not use that type, send me a message after you buy and I will not send the NA power supply and credit you $5. You can find power supplies on that work in your country.The specs are: 5v 2a DC Plug: OD=5.5mm ID=2.1mm or 2.5mm- tip positive (most, if not all are tip positive)
Disclaimer: The term "Flickerfixer" is an old-school term that describes the side effect of doubling the scan rate that causes a reduction of flicker (cutting the flicker in half, for all intents and purposes). If you will remember just like many original devices back in the day flicker is reduced, not eliminated. It does result in a huge improvement over using an Amiga 1084 monitor, and hundreds of buyers have enjoyed this item with no complaint.
Also consider my Amiga HDMI adapter. It is more expensive, but provides a cleaner picture. I also sell other Amiga peripherals like optical mice and Gotek floppy drive emulators. Click the following link to view:
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I also have a YouTube channel where I use this item during repair, refurbishment, and modifications to Amigas and other classic computers.My YouTube Channel
Since I have been selling this for years, I have accrued many positive response scores. Here are some for this product that you can find in my response:
"As advertised, works well.""Excellent construction, worked first time, impressed by complete set of cables""Works great with my A500""Exactly what we needed, A+!""Works great..Exactly as shown. Prompt shipping. Thank you""Just what we needed for our old Amiga! So happy! A+"
Thank you to all my buyers, past and future!

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