Commodore Amiga GVP Great Valley Products A2000-RAM32 Rev. 2 Board For Sale

Commodore Amiga GVP Great Valley Products A2000-RAM32 Rev. 2 Board

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Commodore Amiga GVP Great Valley Products A2000-RAM32 Rev. 2 Board:

Commodore Amiga GVP Great Valley Products A2000-RAM32 Rev. 2 Board.
The board is half-populated. Tested and working.
A RAM board designed to connect to the Impact 3001/A2028/A3033/A3050 68030 accelerator product line from GVP. The accelerator was usually supplied with this card or the RAM8 unless special-ordered. GVP 64pin SIMM32s are not compatible with the various other 64pin SIMM formats which existed at the time. The RAM32 was produced during the 33MHz and 50MHz product offering window before it was replaced with the G-Force 030 (w/MACH130 component) product line.
Please see photos for content and physical condition.

There is no warranty and I am selling as-is with no returns.

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