Commodore CDTV CD-1000,9mb RAM,8gb HDD,CD1221 Keyboard,CD1411 Disk Drive,Remote For Sale

Commodore CDTV CD-1000,9mb RAM,8gb HDD,CD1221 Keyboard,CD1411 Disk Drive,Remote

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Commodore CDTV CD-1000,9mb RAM,8gb HDD,CD1221 Keyboard,CD1411 Disk Drive,Remote:

This is a Commodore Amiga CDTV CD-1000 system with lots of upgrades and accessories. It works great! Everything included:

* Commodore CD1000 NTSC 110v console. Overall it's in very good cosmetic and great mechanical condition. The top lid has an odd bit of bubbling like something overheated while sitting on top of it, but the system shows zero damage inside. The aluminum lid also has some scratches and very minor dents. The CD drive works great, and I'm including a tan CD caddy and a blank disk that might have some game backup on it or something...

* Installed DKB 2mb chip RAM board with a 2mb 8375 Agnus

* Installed Retro Joy 8mb Fast RAM + IDE board. The IDE has an 8gb compact flash card installed. A Motorola 68010 CPU is installed on the card. The CF card contains tons of WHDLoad games and demos, and plenty of apps and utilities. Note the the CDTV cannot boot from IDE, so you can boot this system with them floppy drive using the provided 3.5" boot diskette, which bootstraps Workbench 3.1, then transfers basically all OS functions to the HDD. Also note that the CDTV version of kickstart doesn't run all games and especially demos like an Amiga 500, but runs most games well.

* Kickstart 3.1 ROM

* CDTV 2.30 system ROMs

* NTSC S-Video / Composite video card installed

Also included:

* Commodore CD1221 Keyboard in very good condition. All keys are clean, intact, and work great. The cable is a bit stretched out, but solid and not fraying or badly twisted

* Commodore CD1411 Disk Drive which works great, but cosmetically pretty scratched up on the top. Also diskettes don't eject forcefully, so sometimes you need to ease the disk out a bit. But the drive reads and writes well.

* Commodore CDTV IR wireless remote

* Mouse port adapter provides 2x joystick ports. DO NOT CONNECT OR DISCONNECT JOYSTICKS WHILE THE SYSTEM IS ON. Also, it doesn't work great with the USB mouse adapters, so really just use it for joysticks.

* Standard 110v power cable

No other accessories or software are included, so if it's not listed above, it's not included, sorry! (eg there's no video cable included, so you'll want to pick up either an s-video or Amiga RGB cable)

Thanks for looking, questions welcome!

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