Commodore VIC-20 Computer ***READ*** For Sale

Commodore VIC-20 Computer  ***READ***

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Commodore VIC-20 Computer ***READ***:

Hello! For sale is a Commodore VIC-20 computer. This computer is in very good cosmetic condition for its age, with no yellowing on the plastic, and no scrapes or dings. The keyboard feels fine to type on and has no sticky keys on it.

Now for the bad with this computer. Up until about a week ago, this computer worked absolutely fine, and I was using it to try and teach myself some old BASIC. Then the next time I turned it on, all of the letters were garbled text, and the border that is normally light blue was red. The keys on the keyboard also began to type characters different from the ones on the keys.

I opened up the computer and reseated the chips in their sockets in case one came loose. Unfortunately, this did not change anything.

I unfortunately don’t have enough technical experience with computers this old to further troubleshoot, so this could still be a very simple fix, but I don’t know. Therefore, this computer is sold as-is, for parts.

I will include the original Commodore power cable, but the composite video cable is my only one, so that is not included.

Thanks for looking!

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