DEC Digital Equipment PDP 11/83 System BA23 RSTS/E 8.07 , Word, SCSI & SCSI2SD For Sale

DEC Digital Equipment PDP 11/83  System BA23 RSTS/E 8.07 ,  Word, SCSI & SCSI2SD
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DEC Digital Equipment PDP 11/83 System BA23 RSTS/E 8.07 , Word, SCSI & SCSI2SD:

You May Never See Anything As Complete & Usable

as This System Ever Again!

Digital DEC PDP 11/83 BA23 RSTS 8.07System + More

Now with a NOS Dorio / DEC Terminal

18MHZ M8190-AE CPUBoard and bulkhead!

Has FPA Chip!

M8190 Bulkhead mark forthe MVI – Same Bulkhead.

The correct markingsare next to it. See Photos.

The Brady Marker on handle wasfalling off so we replaced it, marking “AE”.
Board may have been upgraded at some point from 73 to 83.
It has the 18Mhz CPU chip and Crystal.

Power Supply has had it’s RFI X2 CAPsreplaced!

BA23 Floor or desktop System.Badge shows Micro PDP-11 – System has been run for hours.
One Clearpoint Q-RAM44B Q2B/2 Memory Board – 2MB!

M3106 DZQ11 4 portserial card and bulkhead!
All Ports Tested for Two Way Communication.TD Viking / AlphaTronix SCSI Card

SCSI2SD V5.0a with 1GB MicroSD Card

4 Drive emulation – see below

Working RX33 Floppy Drive.

M7555 RQDX3 (SecondController for floppy)
DU0: RSTS 8.07
DU1: RSTS 8.07 Save Set
DU2: Partial RT11 5.04
Containsa Simple RT11 5.04A
(Only has RT11FB.SYS / RT11SJ and Support files anddrivers – No Sysgen)

DU3: XXDP V2 - Diagnostics

DU4: Floppy Drive

RLV12 M8061 RL01 / RL02 Controller
with Bulkhead & Terminator – Tested / Working

RSTS/E 8.07 – All Accounts Password “RSTS”

Has DEC Word1.2, Fortran 77, Basic Plus2, Games – Advent, Dungeon and assorted basic games,
Kermit, GIGI Package A

DVD – Containshardware Documentation, SCSI2SDutility, SD image, USB tool for creating a new image for the microSD card.Image contains the same 1Gb microSD card in the system.

Now Includes a NOS VGB10 Dorio / DEC Terminal!
And a NOS DIGITAL PS/2 Keyboard!

We opened the sealed bag so we could test it.

You just need a NULL MODEM Cable to Hook it up!
(cross over cable)

Notes: Not Y2K – Patch is available out on the web.

Local Pickup Is Preferred

System ways about 90LBS

Other Notes:

DU0: Is the default boot. On occasions it will showRU1 did not interrupt. At “Option” enter boot DU0 – that will restart RSTS andclear the error. Also, do not leave a floppy in the RX33 when not in use.

To boot a different device, Use control C during thesystem test. Then at the prompt, input example “boot DU2” (RT11) See Photos.

RSTS Documentation can be found Online at severalsites.

System can support under RSTS, 5 terminals / usersat the same time. Add another DZ and the number goes to 9.

Terminals that can be used: VT52’s VT100 family,VT200/240, VT320, GIGI’s and more supported.

DVD – Contains hardware Documentation, SCSI2SD utility, SD image, USB tool for creating a new image for themicroSD card. Image contains the same microSD card in the system.

This RSTS is notY2K so you need to enter a date before 2000 unless you get it patched.

At the RSTS Optionprompt, do a control j to move forward for each step.

Once RSTS isready, use control z to get the logon prompt.

User 1,2
Password rsts

Now at the Readyprompt, you’re in!

DIR [*, *] willlist all the files like [6,9] games [1,3] etc. [0,1] and [1,1] not useraccounts. Al others, rsts is the password.

To shutdown thesystem

Run $shutup
system will shut down and reboot.

When it returns to Option – you may power it off

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