Digital DEC VT420 ANSI Computer Terminal & Keybd, Fully Tested Vintage VT-420 For Sale

Digital DEC VT420 ANSI Computer Terminal & Keybd, Fully Tested Vintage VT-420

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Digital DEC VT420 ANSI Computer Terminal & Keybd, Fully Tested Vintage VT-420:

Vintage Digital VT420 ConsoleTerminal

Working: RARE!

Good Working Condition. Looksgreat. Works perfectly

Great price!

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RJR Electronics, 5300 Westpark Dr, Atlanta, GA 30336

This sale is for an Digital VT420 Terminal AND keyboard in beautiful condition. It has been fully refurbished and thoroughly tested. It comes with a 2 month warranty.

We specialize in low-cost high-quality refurbished terminals. This unit has been fully refurbished, thoroughly tested and is ready for use. This unit is fully refurbished and it looks great. You can relax knowing that we fully refurbished it inside & out.

CONDITION: It is in good clean working condition. We guaranty it to be in excellent

working condition. Iffor some reason it does not work, we will gladly repair it, replace it

or we refund your money!

SATISFACTION:We have a 100% satisfaction rating!We want you to be

happy with the quality of the product and our service!!!Thank you!!!

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call us.We can runmore sales if you are interested!

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