Firewalla Gold: Multi-Gigabit Cyber Security Firewall & Router For Sale

Firewalla Gold: Multi-Gigabit Cyber Security Firewall & Router
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Firewalla Gold: Multi-Gigabit Cyber Security Firewall & Router:

NOTE:Due to a chip shortage, Firewalla Gold production is paused until the manufacturer can obtain it at a reasonable price. They are unable to make this firewall right now and the Pro version is nearly twice the cost of this Gold model. They are SOLD OUT.
4xGigabit Interfaces including the WAN PortWire speed routingFull functioning firewallIntrusion Detection & PreventionVPN Server & ClientSite to Site VPNAd BlockingFamily Content RestrictionsDNS over HTTPSVulnerability ScanBandwidth UsageBehavior AnalyticsSafe SearchGEO-IP FilteringAccess RulesSmart QueueingPolicy Based RoutingGuest NetworkNetwork SegmentationThis is an enterprise grade firewall/router/IPS/IDS/Security Appliance for your home or business - at a fraction of the Does Firewalla Cyber Security Work?

Firewalla's main packet processing engine has four different stages:

  • Deep Insight:Make sense of all network traffic. Dig deep and understand what they are.
  • Active Protect:Intrusion detection services to detect bad things and Intrusion prevention services to block before bad things happen.
  • Behavior analytics:See things from a different angle.
  • Control:This is where you tell us what to do. Applying sophisticated rules to control traffic flows.

From smart speakers to baby monitor cameras, there is no shortage of technology in your home for hackers to exploit. Firewalla sends automatic alerts and protects your devices from cyber threats.

  • Detect, prevent and block active cyberattacks and intrusions
  • Monitor for abnormal trends through intelligent behavior analytics
  • Actively block malicious sites in real-time
  • Continuously scan your home for security vulnerabilities and risksBlocking Countries off your NetworkAdvanced GEO-IP Filtering

    Using GEO-IPFiltering, a technology that can block network traffic from entire countries, you can effectively stop hackers from remotely attacking your business or home network.

New Device Quarantine

Protect your network by automatically place new/unknown devices in a Quarantine group. You can apply any content filtering or rate limit rules to this Quarantine group.

Make Your Privacy a Priority with VPN

Are you comfortable sharing your data when using public Wi-Fi or traveling to regions where the internet is filtered or controlled? Introducing Firewalla OpenVPN server, a VPN server that runs inside of your home or business without charging a monthly fee.

  • Protects privacy when using public wifi
  • No monthly fee or bandwidth throttling
  • Surf the web virtually “at home”…from anywhere
  • Bypass internet filtering and monitoring when traveling
  • Supports both OpenVPN and WireGuard
  • VPN Client: Securely Connect to Any DeviceWith Firewalla’s VPN Client, you can connect any device or devices in your network to many OpenVPN, WireGuard, and anyConnect-based services.
    • Connect any IoT devices like Apple TV to third-party VPNs
    • Remotely connect your home devices to another Firewalla
    • Connect two sites together with a site-to-site VPN and access devices securely both ways
    • Connect to and route to multiple VPN services.
    • Say Goodbye to Annoying Ads

      Website ads and trackers have been frustrating internet users for years. That’s why Firewalla's built-in ad blocker makes sure you don't see ads and the ads don't see you.

      • Block ads across all devices
      • DNS cache to speed up all other lookups
      • Protect Your DNS

        DNS over HTTPS

        Traditionally DNS requests are sent in plain text between the client and the DNS server. DNS over HTTPS (DoH) sends DNS requests encrypted over HTTPS. It makes DNS exchange more secure and protects user privacy.

      • Unbound

        Unbound is a validating, recursive, caching DNS resolver, installed locally on the Firewalla box, which helps increase your online privacy and security.

      • Parenting with Ease

        Parenting is a tough job, but Firewalla makes things easier. With a simple tap of a button, you can:

        • Restrict internet access
        • Stop any devices from playing online games
        • Block social networking
        • Monitor online activity
        • Receive online activity alerts
        • Block malicious and adult content
        • Block popular applications
        • Put any rules above in an automatic schedule
        • Safe Search

          Safe Search is a feature used by major search engines like Google Search, YouTube, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to filter adult content out of search results. If anyone enters an inappropriate or suggestive phrase in the search bar, the results will be filtered for offensive content.

        • Powerful Rules Engine

          Firewalla puts the power in your hands and gives you full control of your network. You can block web pages, cut off access to devices, and remove ads. You can even block sites by specific category types, like Gaming, Social, Video, Porn, Gambling, and P2P.

          • Block domains or domains with wildcards.
          • Block IP addresses and subnets
          • Block activitiessuch as gaming, social, video, porn, gambling, and p2p
          • Block based on location and region
          • Block any port
          • Get notified when devices are online or offline
          • Give exceptions to blocking rules
          • Regulate Network Traffic The Smart Way

            Advanced Smart Queue + Rate Limit

            Advanced Smart Queue prioritizes traffic and reduces delays (buffer bloat) when your network is heavily loaded. You can now control your bandwidth usage by rate-limit any device or activity (especially WONDERFUL for Work At Home - I prioritize my and my wife's business computers over my kids gaming so no jittery video calls or dropped voice calls!)

          • Smart Routing

            Policy & Content-Based Routing (PBR)

            Selectively route traffic based on a set of rules or the content type. For example, you can send all video traffic to VPN Client or banking sites to a different WAN

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