Fujinet 1.7 Atari 800 800XL 130XE 65XE XEGS For Sale

Fujinet 1.7 Atari 800 800XL 130XE 65XE XEGS
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Fujinet 1.7 Atari 800 800XL 130XE 65XE XEGS:

FUJINET 1.7 Board
Here we have the excellent Fujinet for the Atari 8bit family of computers.This little device will act like a disk-drive and cassette player. It also has wifi and can connect to BBSes and atari servers where you can download apps and games.You can also connect other SIO device to the fujinet via the sio adaptor at the back of the machine so you can connect a disk-drive or other sio devices to your beloved atari.This has a USB C socket to update your firmware. There is also a switch on the side which can turn the fujinet off.There are also 3 buttons on the top of the fujinet. They are Button A Wifi, Button B Bluetooth, Button C Reset.
You can also use an sd card with the fujinet. You don't have to use the wifi if you don't want to. I use a 16gb micro sd card on my fujinet.
When you order your fujinet could you please state if you would like an XL, XE or an 800 style case.More info on the fujinet can be found on the fujinet github site.This device will come with the latest firmware at the time of posting.This is for the Fujinet Device and a 3d printed case. There is no SD card, Computer or screen with this.
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