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GOLD CPU Assy IBM Mainframe 4381 22 Modules MCM Complex 1985 Computer System 370 for Sale - Knoppix.net

GOLD CPU Assy IBM Mainframe 4381 22 Modules MCM Complex 1985 Computer System 370 For Sale

GOLD CPU Assy IBM Mainframe 4381 22 Modules MCM Complex 1985 Computer System 370

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GOLD CPU Assy IBM Mainframe 4381 22 Modules MCM Complex 1985 Computer System 370:

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SYSTEM 370 Mainframe
4381 Processor CPU Complex

Model Groups 1 / 2
22 MCM Module Assembly
Produced in 1985

Each Multi-Chip-Module is built of 64 millimeter square ceramic substrate on which up to 36 logic chips are mounted to form a functional module array. Aluminum heat sinks of a unique design rest over the chips to form a highly functional cooling arrangement for each MCM. Each ceramic module is built on an 882 pin configuration. The MCM Complex Board was designed so that all modules were Field Replaceable Units. As such, these FRU's can be easily disconnected for examination by release of the Actuator Bail and Spring Housing that secures each MCM on the backplane assembly.

This assembly creates one complete CPU that was removed from a Model 4381 Mainframe Enclosure. Built in 1985, this powerful computer design needed 22 Multi-Chip-Modules to create one complete CPU to run the IBM System 370 Computer.The solid Copper power bus bars are still with this backplane assembly as well. This provides some visual indication of the amount of power that was required to run this system. Also included is the pin and socket field alignment tool kit for the arrangement of the pins on the Multi-Chip-Modules.The overall dimensions of this Complex Assembly is about 31" wide, 26" tall, and at least 5" deep. The frame is hardened cast aluminum, with an overall weight of about 100pounds.

This is a rare piece of computer history. After looking and watching for some time, I have yet to see hardly a part or piece of this computer CPU made available. I suspect there may not be much of anything of these even in the computer museums today.

We are told there is a substantial amount of gold in the MCM's, and the backplane is heavily plated with palladium. This one assembly managed to hide away all this time and not end up in the hands of the precious metal reclaim companies.I have only this one CPU Complex Assembly available. This came from a collector I have known for many years, and he de-installed it himself from the computer system that was taken out of service a number of years ago. To this day he isn't sure why he kept it, but now he has decidied it's time to let it go.USED
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