Gateway MX-3228 W323-UL1 Laptop - Vintage - one owner - Works For Sale

Gateway MX-3228 W323-UL1 Laptop - Vintage - one owner - Works

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Gateway MX-3228 W323-UL1 Laptop - Vintage - one owner - Works:

Gateway MX-3228 W323-UL1 Laptop - Vintage - one owner - Works! Vintage - last-of-a-generation "Desktop-Replacement" Gateway Laptop from 2006.One owner and in excellent shape. I used it for many years as my "desktop replacement" with its 14.1-in "wide-screen" and its re-writable DVD+/- RW CD-R/RW drive.
This is a last-of-a-generation of 32-bit single-core CPU laptop manufactured by Gateway, just before the advent of mainstream multi-core 64-bit processing finding its way into consumer laptops. Rugged, reliable and highly up-gradable, this laptop is easily serviceable with its internal electronics accessible via access-panels and removable covers. It has been upgraded from the stock CPU: this system has a 2.00-Ghz Pentium-M M755 "Dothan" single-core CPU with its increased 2-MByte L2-cache. The Dothan architecture was a precursor to the Core- and Core-2 micro-architectures. Memory has also been upgraded in its single-DDR2-slot to its maximum 1-GByte DDR2 PC2-4200 (533Mhz) capacity.
Be aware of what you are purchasing: while this is completely working and functional machine, judged by today's standards, this laptop is more suitable for studying vintage computers, "retro-computing" and the challenges of "tinkering" - either with its highly accessible and upgrade-able hardware, or by installing a variety of Operating Systems. Originally a Windows-XP machine, I've tinkered with it, installing hardware-upgrades and operating systems including Window-7 to present-day MX-Linux. This has been a fun "tinkering" machine, after retiring it from day-to-day service.
Specs also include:- Installed currently with MX-Linux-21-Xfce- W323-UL1 Chassis (400-Mhz FSB)
- 14.1 in. Widescreen; resolution: 1280 x 768 pixels- PATA hard-drive interface- 60 GByte Harddisk - Hitachi - HTS541060G9AT00- DVD/CD ReWritable drive - Hitachi GWA-4082N
- wifi 802.11-b/g wireless card - MiniPCI, Type 3-B (Lite On WN2300L)
- 2 USB-2.0 slots- 4-in-1 Media-card reader (SD-card slot)- Ethernet 10/100
- VGA external connector- Touchpad - multitouch
- PCMCIA Type-II / Cardbus slot
- Integrated 56k V.92 Modem w/ RJ-11 (Lite-On MDC-003#/A8A)- Mic in- Audio / Headphone out
- 1.24 in (H) x 13 in (W) x 9.7 in (D)
- 5.0 lbs w/o chargerBattery and power-supply are included; battery no longer holds a charge.
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