IBM 3390 DASD Hard Drive 10.8” from Vintage Mainframe For Sale

IBM 3390 DASD Hard Drive 10.8” from Vintage Mainframe
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IBM 3390 DASD Hard Drive 10.8” from Vintage Mainframe:

IBM 3390 DASD hard drive from Vintage Mainframe Appears to be in very good condition. A museum or collector’s piece or could be a interesting Data Recovery adventure as securely deleting things back then was only writing over with 0’s The bank or police department or whatever institution that retired this thing surely would pulverize hard drive disks now or maybe scrap it,rip it to shreds for the gold platters and gold wiring in all the write heads etc.and almost 88lb of other scrap metals has a stack of 9x 10.8” platters, write heads and a interface board on the outside. The gas seal is intact and air filters are clean, the inside is immaculate. it's been sitting in storage untouched for years. I think brand new in the late 80's early 90's a single one of these would set you back close to a quarter to half million $. Not a whole lot of these still floating around. A far cry from 1.5TB microSD cards we have today these drives are a piece of history***** although it is in beautiful condition it is untested so please consider this an as-is sale for a untested or for parts only item. ****

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