Intel AMD Cyrix Vintage CPU Collection or Gold Recovery For Sale

Intel AMD Cyrix Vintage CPU Collection or Gold Recovery
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Intel AMD Cyrix Vintage CPU Collection or Gold Recovery:

Up for sale is a collection of vintage processors. These were all pulled from working machines and put into my 'cpu collection'. Most are probably still working, but I can't guarantee any of them as I have no boards to test them. There are some bent pins visible in the photos but no other damage.
There is a lot of value here for someone who has the time to list them individually. I'm going to sell them as one lot.
Starting with the oldest there is:
1978 - Intel P8088-2 8622HMP1983 - Intel P8088 L6090635
1984 - NEC D70108C-10
1982 - Siemens 80286-1-N/S (x2)1982 - AMD N80L286-10/S (x2)1985 - Intel N80286-10 (x2)
1985 - Intel i386DX-33 - AMD Am386 DX-40
1989 - Intel i486 DX-331992 - Intel i486 DX2-661993 - Intel i486 DX4-100 - Cyrix Cx486 DX2 66 (x2) - AMD Am486 DX2-80
- Cyrix 6x86MX-PR200 - IBM 6X86 P200+ - AMD K6-2 3331993 - Intel Pentium A80502-751993- Intel Pentium A80502-1001993 - 1Comp 8P80502-133 - Intel Pentium 200 MMX
1998 Intel Pentium III 600 Slot 1 - Xeon 3140A616-0380
2000 - Intel Pentium 4 1.3GHz2003 - Intel Celeron D 2.66GHz There is also 4 unused TMS 4464-10NL Dynamic ram chips.

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