Intel DH67BL LGA 1155 Micro ATX DDR3 Motherboard with I/O Shield For Sale

Intel DH67BL LGA 1155 Micro ATX DDR3 Motherboard with I/O Shield

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Intel DH67BL LGA 1155 Micro ATX DDR3 Motherboard with I/O Shield:





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100% working, tested and confirmed by authorized technician.

Accessories / Manuals are not included

BIOS isn't update to latest so you may need to use 2nd gen processor.

After you perform BIOS updates, you will be able to use 3rd gen Processor.

I/O Shield Backplate: included

Picture shows actual item's condition

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A-: Overall nice and clean. The item may have light wear or tiny scratches. Of course no cracked or damaged spot.

B+: Mostly looks clean but you may notice visible scratches or minor wear on certain area(spot) fyi:(Most of computer components like CPU, RAM or motherboard belong to this grade)

B: Moderate scratches, worn off or tiny dings can be found. No cracked or damaged part will be found. fyi(Most of general used parts belong to this grade)

B-: You may notice some of spot has excessive wear, scratches or dents. Possibly tiny crack or damage spot can be found.

C: Excessivly worn off or scratched up. Damage or cracked part can be found.

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