KLH model 425 Vintage 386 computer For Sale

KLH model 425 Vintage 386 computer

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KLH model 425 Vintage 386 computer:

KLH model 425 Vintage 386 computer.

What i know about this computer. Picked it up and plugged it in, powers on, power supply spins.

It looks like it is missing RAM, looks like it has a slot for a Second Co processor has a bunch of Micro chips, that are removable such as twinhead VGA bios, Pheonix rom bios plus, and 386 ver 1.1 EMi LO also has 8 other smal microchips that are removable. toward the right near the PSU it has 5 PX-386 chips U27, U11,U32,U33,U58

also has PX-386 U20 near the two processors

Lastly it has 8 Ram slots and one Brown PCI slot? not sure if its a pci slot but looks exactly like it. Computer has PX-386 Rev:2 written on the left hand side near the ram slots. WHEN powered on the computer doesnt make any noise and shows no video. Im sure its missing some things.. Doesnt have cover ..Any questions about it please ask

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