KLIM Cool Laptop Cooler Fan, Portable Quiet Cooling Vacuum w/Display - BLUE LED For Sale

KLIM Cool Laptop Cooler Fan, Portable Quiet Cooling Vacuum w/Display - BLUE LED
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KLIM Cool Laptop Cooler Fan, Portable Quiet Cooling Vacuum w/Display - BLUE LED:

KLIM CoolLaptop cooler - Air vacuum

KLIM Cool is our first product: a revolutionary laptop cooler. This model is not just an ordinary cooling pad, the Cool attaches to the exhaust vent of your laptop and extracts the hot air like a super vacuum. Very easy to use, it is compatible with all laptop models featuring a side or rear exhaust, regardless of the size and model. Small and lightweight, the Cool provides very effective cooling.

  • Adjustable speed up to 4200 rotations per minute
  • Average temperate drop of 17.6 °C
  • Includes 4 rubber adapters
  • Truly built to last
  • Light and easy to carry

An efficient and immediate cooling

KLIM Cool acts like a super-fan, it pumps the hot air from your laptop for an instant cooling. Much more efficient than regular coolers, Cool allows the temperature to drop to a reasonable level in just a few minutes.

With its 4,200 revolutions per minute speed, Cool is one of the fastest coolers on the market.

Compatible with most laptops

The distinctiveness of the Cool comes from its technology: it is not a cooling pad. Those tend to be either too small or too large. You can stick the Cool to the air exhaust of your laptop, whether it is located at the back or on one side. It makes a huge difference.

The Cool comes along with multiple suction cups of different sizes and shapes. They will adapt to your air exhaust and cover most laptops. You don’t need to be afraid of the compatibility with your laptop if you choose the Cool.

Rock solid

The KLIM Cool is built to last and offers extremely high durability. It’s a safe purchase. Even if you use it many hours a day at home or at work, Cool will never get tired !

Light and compact

Weighing 155g at most, Cool is truly featherweight. You can carry it with you wherever you go. Who could imagine an accessory this small would be able to offer a cooling this powerful. It’s truly the first smart laptop cooler, it measures the laptop temperature and adjusts the fan speed immediately.

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