Kung Fu Flash+Case+32GB SD Card Commodore C64/C128 Fast USA Ship For Sale

Kung Fu Flash+Case+32GB SD Card Commodore C64/C128 Fast USA Ship
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Kung Fu Flash+Case+32GB SD Card Commodore C64/C128 Fast USA Ship:

Handmade and shipped in USA with option to personalize your case and buttons colors (read below).
Are you looking for a complete C64 system with our Kung Fu Flash? Be sure to look at our other offerings (click on the "see other items" in the upper right of this sale). We will be offering fully restored, complete plug and play retro systems (including cables, power supplies, getting started guides, everything you need!) that are fully tested!
Now Shipping with version 1.48; includes binary cart support, a text file viewer, and improved disk image emulation (most high score files now are written to the virtual disk)!
We would like to thank everyone for the kind words, reviews, and response! We will continue to make every effort to bring you great retro products with exceptional service!
Includes a "Getting Started" guide to summarize how to use the most common features; adding new cartridges, disks, or tape files; how the files are organized and displayed, how to search for a cart, disk, or tape, including wildcard searches; how to navigate the list of carts, disk, and tapes and make a selection; how to access the built-in help screen; and more. If you are a previous purchaser and wish to have a copy, please message us. We will incorporate response and add new instructions for additional features to help users take advantage of this exciting product! It's capable of so many things! In the spirit of this open hardware project, once the Guide is updated with its first round of response and expansion, we will make this available to everyone to be distributed freely. Support the community!
You are purchasing a new Kung Fu Flash (KFF) Multi-Cart emulator for use with the Commodore C64, C64C, or C128 computers. The KFF comes in a 3D printed case and also includes a preloaded 32GB SD card, so your fun can start right away. You can add your own favorite programs! The KFF can emulate C64 cartridges, D64/D71/D81 disk images (read and write), individual disk files (PRG), and T64 tape files. It can also emulate an Easy Flash 3 cartridge, Fast Load, Action Replay, Super Snapshot, and other specialty cartridges. It does practically everything! :-) Just drop your files on the SD card and you ready to go!The RESET button, the button furthest right, will be translucent to allow the internal LED to be seen during operation. The KFF will come installed with the latest firmware revision, currently v1.48. The EasyFlash 3 (EF3) utilities, EF3 utility documentation (all open-sourced in the KFF GitHub repository), and KFF information will be placed in the root of the SD card. Using the Easy Flash utilities, you can transfer entire D64/D71/D81 disk to and from your Commodore computer and PC, with the appropriate Commodore floppy drive of course.
Please note: The 3d case is printed on a FLM (filament) 3d printer and will likely have some minor imperfections. Please review the item pictures carefully.
Personalize:For a specific case and button colors please add a note to the order in your payment screen. Colors available: Black, Blue, Yellow, White, Teal (Blue-Green), Translucent, Red, Beige, and Pink (all pictured). If no color choice is made, a black case will be sent.
The KFF was designed and kindly released as open hardware by Kim Jorgensen.
From the Kung Fu Flash GitHub description:

Kung Fu Flash can emulate different cartridge types, load PRG files and use D64 disk images. Just place your desired CRT, PRG or D64/D81 files on a FAT formatted microSD card and use the built-in launcher to execute them. KFF also supports EasyFlash and its ability to load games that require multiple disk images (D64 or D81).

There are three buttons on the cartridge; a reset button, a menu button for starting the launcher, and a special button that is used by the freezer cartridges.Supported Cartridges

The following cartridge types are currently supported:

  • Generic cartridge (8k, 16k, Ultimax)

  • Action Replay v4.x/v5/v6

  • KCS Power Cartridge

  • Final Cartridge III(+)

  • Simons' BASIC

  • Fun Play, Power Play

  • Super Games

  • Ocean type 1

  • Epyx Fastload

  • C64 Game System, System 3

  • Zaxxon, Super Zaxxon

  • Magic Desk, Domark, HES Australia

  • Super Snapshot v5

  • Freeze Frame

  • Freeze Machine

  • RGCD, Hucky

  • Drean

  • C128 Generic cartridge (external function ROM)

  • WarpSpeed 128

Supported File Types

The following file types are currently supported:

  • C128 external function ROM (ROM, BIN)
  • Disk image (D64, D71, D81)
  • Tape image (T64)
  • Program (PRG, P00)
  • Firmware update (UPD)
USB Port

The USB port is active while the launcher is running allowing programs to be transferred from a PC using the EasyFlash 3 USB protocol. Kung Fu Flash shows up as a standard serial port when connected to a PC not requiring any custom drivers to be installed. This means, however, that the program on the PC side must be modified to support Kung Fu Flash. For that reason a modified version ofEasyFlash 3 USB UtilitiesandEasyFlash 3 BBShas been included in this repository.

Firmware Update

Just place the KungFuFlash_v1.xx.upd file on the SD card and select the file in the launcher to initiate the firmware update.

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