Lenovo ThinkStation P300 Gaming PC •Xeon 3.5ghz •16GB •GTX 750 ti •SSD+2TB •Wifi For Sale

Lenovo ThinkStation P300 Gaming PC •Xeon 3.5ghz •16GB •GTX 750 ti •SSD+2TB •Wifi

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Lenovo ThinkStation P300 Gaming PC •Xeon 3.5ghz •16GB •GTX 750 ti •SSD+2TB •Wifi:

ABOUT:For your consideration is a used Lenovo ThinkStation workstation PC, freshly restored with its OEM Windows 10 Pro and ready for a new user. This excellent system features the Xeon version of an i7-4770K CPU and a GTX 750 ti GPU, making this PC perfect as an all-around family computer or a light gaming PC for eSports.
• Lenovo ThinkStation P300•Intel Xeon E3-1241 v3 4-Core 8-Thread 3.9ghz boost (a better binned Core i7-4770k)•16gb DDR3-1600 RAM(2x8gb)• EVGA nVidiaGeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GBGPU• NEW 128GB SSD (for Windows)• Seagate 2TB Hard Drive (for data and games)• PCIWifi Card• DVD-RW drive• Windows 10 Pro has been restored, activated, and tested
CONDITION:This system was purchased in 2016, used in an office setting, and retired in late 2022. The toweris in good cosmetic shapewith a few scratches to the outer casebut otherwise only light dust and scuffing, and NO smoke/vape damage. The tower was reset, booted and updated and tested for reliability with Cinebench. Windows is auto-activated from Dell.
GRAPHICS:The installed GTX 750 Ti offers excellent 4K video playback on TVs. It would provide good budget 1080p/60+ eSports gaming support for many titles (games like Valorant, CS:GO, and Minecraft), as well as the ability to play older single player games from the Skyrim to GTA-V era (2010-2015).During a 2 hour Unigine Heaven DX11 benchmark, the GTX 750 Ti provided a good 114 FPS at 720P/MED.
TERMS:This system is USED and will display some scuffs and signs of use. It is guaranteed to arrive NOT-DOA and drive ready for use, protected by the Buyer's Guarantee. This computer is used and does not carry any original or extended warranty. Game FPS is not guaranteed, please research the GTX 750 Ti on Youtube for an idea of game performance in a specific title. Thanks!

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