MASSIVE lot of vintage Mac stuff (everything you've ever wanted) For Sale

MASSIVE lot of vintage Mac stuff (everything you've ever wanted)
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MASSIVE lot of vintage Mac stuff (everything you've ever wanted):

For the last 20 years I have been collecting vintage Apple computers and peripherals. The time has come to pass this on to someone else that may have the time to continue to restore them and use them. The list of everything included is below; it amounts to over 500 items, including Lisa's accelerators, complete Macs, complete working systems, CRT monitors, printers, and Powerbooks to name a few. You'll find a complete Micron Xceed greyscale video card for the SE/30 in there. Two of the Lisa's have the X/Profile hard drive emulators in them. To be blunt, there are a ton of sought after items included in this lot. I probably have the last bunch of original Laserwriter (Plus) printers AND a huge assortment of replacement parts for those printers (list of parts provided upon request). I have a lot of intersting CRT's which are hard to find these days. I've done my best to make this list accurate, but there are bound to be some inconsistencies. If there are things on the list you want me to specifically verify, please ask before the sale closes. Any buyers might want to ask specifically for verificaiton on high value items that are imporant to them. I am happy to send pictures of items of interest to buyers; there is just too much here to post pictures of everything. On that note, please be aware that once the sale closes, the sale is final. Also not that there are undoubtedly other items I didn't properly inventory that WILL be included in the lot; you'll get some bonus items that I have failed to include in the list. Which leads me to another important point; buyer must pick this up in person in Santa Barbara, California, within two weeks of the sale closing. It is the buyer's responsibility at that point to pick up everything or arrange for pickup and transportation. Please not that I will not consider request to sell any items in this lot invididually. Payment to be made within 48 hours of sale close. ItemQtyConditionDescription
230MB Magneto-Optical drive cartriges6Untested230MB Magneto-Opticam drives2Untested5.25 bezel kit for power macintosh1n/a640x480 video card2UntestedNUBUS
ADB couplers6UntestedADB game pads1UntestedADB joysticks2UntestedADB keyboards10UntestedADB mice18UntestedADB track balls3UntestedApple 20 SC drive1UntestedApple 80SC external SCSI hard drive1UntestedApple CD 300e Plus1WorkingApple CD SC Plus2Not workingApple Daisy Wheel print wheels5UntestedApple Daisy Wheel printer instructions1n/aApple Daisy Wheel printer ribbons2NewApple Design powered speaker pair1UntestedWith power adapter
Apple dot matrix printer accesory kit for Lisa1UntestedA6C0350 in box
Apple external video connector 1UntestedLC 580
Apple firewire web cam1UntestedApple high resolution display video card2UntestedNUBUS
Apple Lisa / Macintosh XL Do-it-yourself guide1n/aApple Lisa 21Not wokringHas internal X/Profile. Worked a few years ago
Apple Lisa 22Not wokringApple Lisa original keyboard3Working?Apple Lisa original mouse2Working?Apple Lisa profile drive1WorkingHas X/Profile installed
Apple Modem 12001UntestedIn box
Apple Performa Plus Display1UntestedApple Portrait Display monitor1WorkingApple power mac CPU card1UntestedApple service technical procedures book1n/aIn binder
Apple TechStep1WorkingAsanta MacCon nubus ethernet cards3UntestedNew in box
Asante nubus ethernet cards5UntestedUnboxed
Belkin wireless G PCMCIA card1UntestedBlackBox 12 port apple KVM switch1UntestedBMC BM-12AU Apple II monitor1UntestedBox of Apple Daisy Wheel printer repair parts
UntestedBoxes laserwriter parts`7UntestedSee full inventory
Brother HR-1 daisy wheel printer1UntestedNew in box
Brother HR-10 daisy wheel printer1UntestedNew in box
Clear / white USB keyboard and mouse2UntestedOne keyboard w/mouse one without
Color Clasic project mac1Not finishedSomeone stuffed I think a 630 motherboard in it.
Color Classic (not working)1Not workingColor Classic (probably works)1UntestedRecapped Mystic w/Radius Pivot video card. Won't start for some reason but was working
Color StyleWriter 15001UntestedColorboard 264 for SE/302WorkingColorSync 17" display1WorkingFull working order but pastics have some damaged parts
Commuications Slot adapter card1UntestedMC CS 10T
Communications Slot ethernet adapter1UntestedCompact Mac carrying cases3n/aCompact Mac fans2UntestedExternal fans
Compact Mac riser base1n/aCompact Mac swivel bases4n/aConnectix color quickcam1UntestedDaystar 030 33MHz accelerator PDS1WorkingDaystar 030 40MHz accelerator PDS1WorkingDaystar 030 50MHz accelerator PDS3WorkingDaystar 030 socket accelerator adapter1WorkingDaystar 040 33MHz accelerator PDS2WorkingDaystar 040 40MHz accelerator PDS1WorkingDaystar 601 accelerator 100MHz1WorkingNUBUS? For IIvx
DB 25 A/B data switch2WorkingDr. Bott 4:1 KVM switch1WorkingEtherMac iPrint adapter LT2UntestedExtend-It apple KVM extender1UntestedExternal SCSI hard drive enclosures3UntestedMay or may not have a hard drive in them
Extra Lisa CPU card3UntestedFarallon nubus ethernet cards1UntestedUnboxed
Faralon Etherwave adapter2UntestedIn box
Faralon Mac Recorder1UntestedIN box
Fifth Generatin Systems floppy feeder for SE/301WorkingFireware portable drives10WorkingMostly 1TB some 2TB 500GB
Focus Enhancements L TV Micro1UntestedIn box
Grapler LQ 24 pin laser interface1UntestedIIsi misc PDS adapters (video cards?)2UntestedIIsi PDS adapter with co-processor1UntestedIIsi PDS riser1UntestedImageWriter 1 A9M0303 dot matrix printer2UntestedIn original box
ImageWriter I3UntestedImageWriter II1UntestedImageWriter II owners manual1NewImageWriter II sheet feed attachment1NewImageWriter II/LQ LocalTalk Option 2NewIn box
Imation USB floppy drive1WorkingIntroduction to the Lisa Naiman1n/aBook
Iomega Jaz drive1UntestedJasmine BackPac for Mac Plus 1WorkingKeyboard cables ADB5UntestedKryoflux disk conversion system1
Lapis ProColor 8-16 SE/30 video card1UntestedLaserwriter Plus6Untested6x Laserwriter Plus units in reqasonable cosmetic condition. Unknown operational condition
Lisa 2 owners guide1n/aIN single binder
Lisa 2 owners guide1n/aSpiral bound
Lisa 512k RAM card8UntestedLisa 7/7 complete office system 1UntestedBoxed appears mostly if not all new some books shrink wrapped still
Lisa floppy disks20UntestedLisa I/O board3UntestedLisa motherboard2UntestedThe board all the cards plug into
Lisa parallel interface card2UntestedLisa plastic cover1n/aLisa computer and keyboard both
Lisa replacement power switch1UntestedLisa Widget hard drive1Not workingLisaTerminal software1UntestedIN box with diskette
Localtalk adapters15UntestedMac 128/512/Plus mice4WorkingMac 128k keyboard2WorkingMac 2:1 KVM switch3WorkingMac 512k1WorkingUpgraded from 128k
Mac 512k w/Hyperdrive1Boots but disk doesn't workMac 512K with Mac Rescue1Working2MB and a large custom fan cut into the side (one of a kind)
Mac CD's and Floppy disks from books100
About 200 book CDs and DVDs from the books converted on [link removed by ]
Mac Daisy Wheel Connection kit2UntestedIn box
Mac IICI4WorkingRecapped
Mac IICI power supplies2WorkingRecapped
Mac IICI power supplies3Working (I think)Mac KVM to PS/2 KVM adapter5WorkingMac Mini Late 2010 core 2 duo1Working4GB ram 256GB SSD High Sierra
Mac Mini Late 2010 core 2 duo1Working8GB ram 240 GB SSD High Sierra
Mac Mini Late 2010 core 2 duo1Working8GB ram 500 GB SSD High Sierra
Mac Pllus full page display (Kilty clip)1UntestedMac Plus1Dings but no screenMac Plus1Not workingMac Plus 680030 upgrade 2UntestedMac Plus MacSNAP kits2UntestedMac Plus motherboard with Brainstorm accelerator1UntestedMac Plus motherword with 68020 upgade1UntestedMac Plus numerical keypad1UntestedMac Plus w/Brainstorm accelerator1Sad MacMac Plus w/Brianstorm & Jasmine BackPac hard drive1WorkingFor some reason the hard drive went bad, but worked recently
Mac Plus with Novy Systems 68030 upgrade1UntestedMac SE/30 with motherboards & drives out6UnknownMacally Port Xpander1UntestedADB
MacCon card for IISI1UntestedMacFly joystick ADB1UntestedMacintosh Color Display1Working640x480
Macintosh Display Card video card1UntestedNUBUS
MacPhone1NewIn box
MacPort Mac parallel port adapter1UntestedMacRescue for Mac Plus2UntestedMacTilt bases2n/aMarathon RePorter USB Fireware audio port extender1UntestedMarstek M-800 Mac 64 hand held scanner1UntestedIn box
Micron Xceed (greyscale) SE/30 video card1UntestedComplete with all parts
Microtech USB-SCSI adapters2UntestedMini-din 3 way data switc22UntestedNewer Technology PowerPump Accelerator1UntestedFor Quadra 700, 900, 950 computers using Apple 601 upgrade cards
NuvoLInk SC SCSI to ethernet adapter1UntestedOrange PC K62 / 5001UntestedDos on Mac card
PDS to 2xPDS adapters (IIsi?)2WorkingPDS to Nubus adapter1WorkingPersonics View Control System for the Apple Macintosh1UntestedPower Mac 73001WorkingSCSI2SD 160MB RAM System 8.1 G3-400 CPU
Power mac ethernet card1UntestedPower Mac NUBUS adapter1UntestedPower Mac SCSI card1UntestedPower R Presenter 520/550 video adapter1UntestedPower R Presenter 575sc video adapter1UntestedPowerbook 1804Parts / RepairPowerbook 180c6Parts / RepairPowerbook 540 docking station1WorkingPowerbook 540c / 540 / 520c 5206Parts / RepairPowerbook G3 Lombard8Parts / RepairPowerbook G3 Lombard4WorkingPowerbook G4 Titanium6UntestedPowerbook Wall Street1UntestedPowerR Universal video adapter for Mac3UntestedPowerR video adapter for SE/301UntestedProfessional AV adapter for Macintosh1UntestedQtronix wrist wrest for powerbooks1UntestedWith track ball, new in original box.
Quadra 6501WorkingRecapped, broken front bezel
Quadra 6501WorkingRecapped, SCSI2SD
Quadra PDS slot 601 powermac accelerator1Working66MHz
Radius Color Pivot 03561UntestedRadius Full Page Display1WorkingRadius Full Page Display / gs monitor1WorkingRadius Full Page Display 90 video card1UntestedFPD IINUBUSRadius MacII Full Page Display video card4UntestedNUBUS
Radius Pivot 02761UntestedRadius Pivot card for SE/301WorkingRadius Pivot II video card3UntestedNUBUS
Radius Pivot LC Interface video cards4WorkingRadius Pivot SE/30 video card2WorkingRadius Rocket1UntestedIn box
Radius Rocket Stage II4UntestedRadius two page display SE/30 video card2UntestedRadius video card???1UntestedNUBUS
Raduis Two Page Display NUBUS card1UntestedIn box
RasterOps 708+ video card for SE/301WorkingRasterOps 8L video card1UntestedNUBUS
RasterOps portrait display T1015AT-AR1WorkingSCSI ethernet adapters10WorkingI've used a bunch of them but haven't tested them all
SCSI Jaz drive1WorkingSE/30 clear case2n/aNew
SE/30 cracked c ase1Not workingSE/30 dual page display video card2UntestedSE/30 ethernet adapters5UntestedSE/30 external fan1UntestedSE/30 Micron 306-48 video card1WorkingSE/30 motherboards7Mostly workingI had 6 motherboards recapped by MacCaps. One known to have issues holding the date, other has SCSI issues.
SE/30 PDS dual card risers (short)3WorkingSE/30 with 040 accelerator and ethernet1Needs analog boardBlank video (needs analog board) SCSI2SD Twinspark riser
Sonet Presto 040 40MHz accelerator PDS1WorkingSpare Lisa face plate1UntestedStyleWriter 2400 localtalk module1UntestedSuperMac Grafix 1024x768 mono video card1UntestedNUBUS
SuperMac S/24 PDQ video card1UntestedNUBUS
SuperMac Spectrum/24 III1UntestedNUBUS
SuperMac Superview2Untested1 in original box, one unboxed. "Add large-screen color to your black&white powerbook. "
Syquest 44MB cartriges 7WorkingSyquest 44MB drive1WorkingTeleport 56k modem1UntestedIN box
The complete book of Lisa Schmucker1n/aBook
Thunderware Thunderscan (imagewriter I)1UntestedThunderware Thunderscan (imagewriter II)2UntestedUMAX computer CPU card power mac1UntestedUmax Power Mac2Working200MHz 224 MB ram 7.6 SCSI2SD
USB to adb adapters15UntestedViewsonic GS810 CRT1UntestedVery large 20" CRT
Wacom ADB track pads1UntestedX/Profile instructions2n/aXLR8 MACH CPU card for power mac1UntestedZenith ZVM-121 Apple II monitor1UntestedZIP drive cartriges 100MB4WorkingZip drive SCSI external2Working

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