MINT WORKING Vintage Apple Lisa 2 / Macintosh XL *MUSEUM PIECE* + over 45 Disks For Sale

MINT WORKING Vintage Apple Lisa 2 / Macintosh XL *MUSEUM PIECE* + over 45 Disks
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MINT WORKING Vintage Apple Lisa 2 / Macintosh XL *MUSEUM PIECE* + over 45 Disks:

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We are happy to introduce the selected item with a full Description, Condition Report and Scope of Delivery:

1985 Apple Lisa

General Information:

The Macintosh XL, also known as the Apple Lisa 2/10, was a personal computer released by Apple Inc. in January 1985. It was essentially a rebranded and modified version of the Apple Lisa, a computer that had been released earlier with a higher price point and greater capabilities. The Macintosh XL aimed to make the technology more accessible to a broader consumer base.

Key features of the Macintosh XL included a Motorola 68000 microprocessor, 1 MB of RAM, and a 12-inch monochrome display. It also ran the MacWorks XL software, which allowed it to emulate the Macintosh System Software, making it compatible with Macintosh applications. The Macintosh XL used a graphical user interface, similar to the original Macintosh, and employed a mouse for user interaction.

Despite its improved affordability compared to the original Lisa, the Macintosh XL still faced challenges in the market due to its relatively high price and the competitive landscape of personal computing at the time. Additionally, the Macintosh XL's hardware and design were becoming outdated as newer and more advanced Macintosh models were being introduced.

Ultimately, the Macintosh XL was discontinued in April 1985, just a few months after its release. Apple's focus shifted towards the Macintosh series, which became highly successful and played a significant role in the company's future success in the personal computer market.

Condition Report:

This Computer is one of the cleanest Apple Lisa I have ever seen in my years as a Museum owner and Collector.

It was only used a couple of times in 1985 and was stored in a dark and dry room since then.

Therefore the Lisa has very limited yellowing and the Case is still clean and shiny.

These vintage Apple Systems are gettingvery rare andespecially in great conditionlike this, they are very hard to find.

Only very few Widget Drives still work today, and this is one of them.The Monitor is a little shaky until the Lisa boots upcompletely and the Widget Drive runs great. After that theprotected Screen is very bright without any issues. The different colors on the pictures is just in photos due to the shutter Speed of the camera.

Scope of Delivery:

- Apple Lisa Computer

- Apple Lisa Keyboard

- Apple Mouse

- Power Cable

- Apple Lisa Manuals (German Version without Disks):

- LisaList

- LisaWrite

- LisaCalc

- LisaDraw

- LisaProject

- LisaGraph

- Manual

- over 45 Apple Lisa Disks (untested)

For Example: Lisa OS1, Lisa OS2, Lisa OS3, Lisa 4, MacWorks, LisaTest, MacPaint and many more...


Please be aware that we are selling this as a Private Collection. Therefore this is not a Business and we are not accepting any Returns. There is no warranty.

Also these are vintage items, which are up to over 40 Years old, which means there can always be signs of storage of signs of wear. Also yellowing of the Plastic is completely normal, some light damages or cracks. If you are unsure of the Condition from our Report, please feel free to ask additional Questions.

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