MITS Altair 8800b-dm \"Foley\" S-100 Diskette Hobby Platform For Sale

MITS Altair 8800b-dm \
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MITS Altair 8800b-dm \"Foley\" S-100 Diskette Hobby Platform:

Altair 8800b-dm \"Foley\"
MITS 1302 Turnkey Computer Systemwith Integral Drive Storage
Based on the MITS Altair Turnkey Computer and MiniDisk 5.25\" Disk Drives
The 8800b-dm is the first computer sold in a Department Store (Foley\'s)
HIstoric \"First\" with diskette drive expansion support.
The system was upgraded by adding an FDC+ controller, with 64K RAM.A dual port RS-232 interface & the Turnkey Module provide three serial ports.
1. Turnkey Module - Firmware & Third serial port 2. 8800b CPU Board 3. MiniDisk Controller (two boards) 4. 88-2SIOJP REV C - Two port serial board with custom firmware 5. FDC+ disk interface with 64K RAM and Custom Firmware
The FDC+ can work with the 5.25\" MiniDisk drives.Two Shugart SA-400 Drives,a MITS MiniDisk 5.25\" drive controller set, and two Minidisk power/buffer boards are included.
The original controller boards, drives, and buffer boards were tested and then stored separately for their protection.
The system can run software in multiple formats andcan be expanded using external drives.
The FDC+ adds the ability to work with: Original or replacement MITS 8\" drives (Drives Not Included); Shugart 50-pin compatible drive is SSSD Soft-sector format(Drives Not Included); Teac 5.25\" drive in MITS 8\" format (Drives Not Included); Teac 5.25\" drive in a 1.5M format (Drives Not Included); Internal or external Minidisk drives(External Drives Not Included).
The FDC+ adds the ability to work with a virtual CP/M drive server running on Windows. The 8M virtual drive boots CP/M and has tools including file transfer programs and a Remote CP/M. A 1.5M virtual drive can be used along with MITS formats. Disk images for Altair software are on the WWW. Adaptor boards are included to connect to original MiniDisk drives, MITS or Shugart 8-inch, and 5.25\" Teac drives.
Two boxes Original type diskettes included with two 5.25\" SA400 drives
One box High Density diskettes included (Teac Drives not included).
One box of MITS 8\" diskettes included (MITS drives not included).
Custom firmware provides support for a Tarbell 1011D 8\" controller (Not Included). The FDC+ also supports SSSD soft-sector drives. The FDC+ controller can use Shugart 50-pin compatible drive to replace MITS drives or Tarbell controlled drives.
The Turnkey Module has frour 1702A EPROM for optional configurations. The Turnkey Module has the mod to allow a full 64K RAM (Not used). The Turnkey Module jumps to custom firmware on the 88-2SIOJP REV C. The custom firmware is also on the FDC+. The firmware starts at F800H and is configured to stay after booting.
The system is configured as a 62K system with 2K of firmware above.
Custom Firmware with source code: 1K Monitor Tarbell boot MBle TURMON UBMON CDBL
Manuals available in PDF Format:The sysyem is sold \"AS IS\"
Shipping is extra using UPS. US Locations only. The system is in use and will be packed after a winning offer. Payment can wait until packing. The sytem will be double boxed in 3 shipping boxes.

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