MITS Altair Package II on Punched Paper Tape For Sale

MITS Altair Package II on Punched Paper Tape
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MITS Altair Package II on Punched Paper Tape:

One of the earliest pieces of software available for the MITS Altair 8800 computer (after Altair BASIC offered in my other listing) was the "Package II" set of programs.
Package II was designed to let Altair users program their systems in Assembly language instead of machine code. It offered four separate programs to enable this:
1. An Assembler that would turn assembly language code into executable machine code2. An editor that allowed the user to author assembly language programs or, really, any text3. A debugger that helped the user step through and debug programs4. A monitor that allowed the user to load and execute programs in a controlled environment
Offered for sale are COPIESof pictured original MITS paper tapes for these four programs. These copies are bit for bit perfect from the originals and are on NOS oiled punched paper tape.
Suitable for use or display.

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