Macintosh Platinum Mouse - Apple II, IIe, 128K 512K 512Ke Mac Plus M0100 - New For Sale

Macintosh Platinum Mouse - Apple II, IIe, 128K 512K 512Ke Mac Plus M0100 - New
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Macintosh Platinum Mouse - Apple II, IIe, 128K 512K 512Ke Mac Plus M0100 - New:

Macintosh Platinum Mouse - Apple II, IIe, 128K 512K 512Ke Mac Plus M0100 - New!
This vintage Macintosh Platinum Mouse is a must-have for Apple enthusiasts. It is compatible with a variety of Apple products, including the Mac 128, 512, Mac Plus, and IIe. This classic M0100 mouse is in new condition, making it a rare find for collectors and users alike. The mouse is designed with the signature platinum color and is an iconic accessory for vintage computing setups. It is sold in a unit quantity of one and is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of nostalgia to their collection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this piece of history.
By mid-1984, Apple's commitment to bringing the mouse to its entire product line resulted in the release of the Apple II Mouse Card. Since this was a dedicated mouse port, Apple simply re-packaged the Macintosh mouse, but with the same creamy-beige cable and connector used on the IIc mouse and bundled it along with special software called MousePaint for use with the Apple II, II Plus, and IIe computers. Like the original IIc mouse, it used the same model number as the Macintosh. Unlike the Mouse IIc, however, it can be interchanged with the Macintosh version, but cannot be used on the IIc. Due to the popularity of the Macintosh and shortage of mice, Apple later repackaged the original Apple Mouse IIc in this bundle as well since it was cross-platform compatible. The Apple Mouse II and its successors were never included as standard equipment on any computer. By 1986 Apple had updated its product lines with new cable connectors. With the Apple IIe already three years old, the AppleMouse II was re-badged for the IIe alone and essentially used a repackaged Macintosh Mouse with no modifications. Later it would also use the Platinum Macintosh version.

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