Macintosh Plus, BlueSCSI, OS 6.x, 4 mb memory - recapped, kbd, mouse For Sale

Macintosh Plus, BlueSCSI, OS 6.x, 4 mb memory - recapped, kbd, mouse
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Macintosh Plus, BlueSCSI, OS 6.x, 4 mb memory - recapped, kbd, mouse:

(Mac Plus #39a)Our retail store closed June 2017 and now spending a career selling left-over inventory.
Selling one of our clean, fully working Macs :MACINTOSH Plus computer system with BlueSCSI "Hard Drive"
Here is what is included in this sale:
- 4 mb total memory
- Apple floppy disk drive. Disassembled, cleaned, lubed, testedto read, write, copy, delete, format and eject disks as should.
- DB25 BlueSCSI is the hard drive. This is Version 2.x and is WiFi capable.
- BlueSCSI that plugs into the Mac external scsi port, with 8 gb MicroSD Card. 1 gb Volumes forOS 6.0.x, OS 7.1, OS 7.5.5and a Storage Volume. Nearly 1 gb of vintage software is included on the MicroSD card.
- DVD's will be included that have the same files that are on the MicroSD Card, just in case you need them. Also included are the BlueSCSI files for OS 7.0, OS 7.1, 7.5.5 and 7.6.1 so that you can use the BlueSCSI device onother Mac computers.
- I set up the BlueSCSI to have Volumes for Storage, OS 6.0.x, OS 7.1, OS 7.5.5 If you'd like a different set of Volumes on startup please message me.
- NEW Mac Mouse M0100 as shown in photos
- Mac Keyboard M0110a as shown in photos. Cleaned, each keyswitch tested to work as should.
- Keyboard cable
- "Apple" mousepad as shown in photos
- The screen is clear with no burn-in ghosting.
- The logic board has been recapped and tested to operate as should.
- The analog board has been recapped and tested to operate as should.
- The logic board has been updated to include the diode that allows the DB25 BlueSCSI to work with no other connections,just plug it into the Mac DB25 external port.
- New battery installed 6-9-24
- The battery compartment has been modified to accept a newer style battery - please see photo.
- Please see photos for condition of case - very good overall condition.
- Power cord included.
- Will be double boxed. Shipping FedEx, Signature and insured.
- Please see photos.

Please note:

PowerSuppliesWe do not use the readily available low price capacitors that are in many cases counterfeit

copies. They often don’t meet the high temperature and low ESR specifications required for reliable operation

in the switching power supplies as found in a vintage Mac. Many of the 9” Macs have little or no fan cooling

and the cheap capacitors will not survive this harsh environment very long. We only use high quality name

brand components that are sourced from authorized distributors and guaranteed not to be counterfeit. They

are more expensive and often harder to get as most modern manufacturing has transitioned from through

hole components as used in the Mac analog board to surface mounted components.

Logic Boards:We have switched to recapping the logic boards with Tantalum capacitors instead of the original

Electrolytic type that had so many failures. The Tantalum capacitors consist of a solid pellet and

don’t contain the corrosive electrolyte that eats up the logic board when they fail and leak (and they do).

Tantalum capacitors also offer very high reliability but you need to upgrade the voltage ratings over

the original capacitors. We are using 25 volt rated capacitors on the 5 and 12 volt circuits to give you

that extra reliability.

We have the best customers in the world, because we sell all over the world!
Please take a moment to review some of our response from Mac Computer customers.
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