NEC PC-8801FH Full Refurbed Vintage Japanese Computer Keyboard Serial Cable For Sale

NEC PC-8801FH Full Refurbed Vintage Japanese Computer Keyboard Serial Cable
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NEC PC-8801FH Full Refurbed Vintage Japanese Computer Keyboard Serial Cable:

NEC PC-8801 FH Computer
Description The computer has been refurbished as follows:
~ Completely disassembled and cleaned
~ All the capacitors in the motherboard replaced with new ones
~ Both floppy drives disassembled, cleaned, old capacitors replaced and new grease applied
~ Internal battery replaced with a CR2032 battery socket (only use rechargeable LIR2032 batteries!!!)
~ Power supply disassembled, cleaned and some of the capacitors replaced.The next functions are confirmed to work perfectly:
~ Computer ON/OFF
~ Boot up to N88-Basic Prompt
~ Video and sound output clear and sharp (tested analog RGB as well as RCA Monochrome)
~ Read and Write from both floppy drives
~ Read and write from cassette port
~ All the keys in the keyboard working
~ All the switches and possible configurations of the computer working (i.e. CPU speed set, computer modes V1, V2, etc), reset button...We also include a serial cable that can be used to easily transfer data and files between a modern PC and the PC-8801. This cable can be also used with other PC-8801s such as mkII series as well as M and F series and others.
contents~ NECPC-8801 FH Computer
~ NEC PC-8801 Keyboard
~ Serial Connection Cable
~ Power Cable (JP-type plug) Shipping This item will be shippedworldwide 2 to 3 days after payment confirmation. Dueto current world situation, some delays in shipping orhandling could happen.Typical transit times range from 7 to 15 days, usuallyaround 10 days.Most of our items can be bundled together, so you cansave in shipping costs. Contact us **before**your payment if you are planning to buy and bundleseveral items. Once you pay for one certain item, itcannot be bundled anymore.
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