NEW Aquarius+ Computer Signature Edition - 8Bit Retro System For Sale

NEW Aquarius+ Computer Signature Edition - 8Bit Retro System
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NEW Aquarius+ Computer Signature Edition - 8Bit Retro System:

All New Aquarius+ Signature Edition 8-Bit Retro Computer System
What would the Aquarius have evolved into if Mattel hadn't abandoned the system back in 1984? The Aquarius+ is the next-generation of Z80-based 8-bit hardware for the Aquarius platform. The intent is to deliver a cost-effective, backwards-compatible retro computer system that both developers and nostalgists will love and use, all in the spirit of the original, orphaned Aquarius platform.
  • Backward compatibility with existing Aquarius hardware and software
  • Modern, flexible video solution that supports bitmapped graphics, sprites, and tiles, delivered through clean VGA output
  • Dual AY sound chips (virtual) for six sound voices
  • 8-Bit Digital to Analog Convertor (DAC) for playing digitized audio samples
  • 512kb of paged RAM in four 16k banks
  • Reworked SYSROM and programmable CHARROM
  • Integrated SD card and commands (remove dependency on cassette loading)
  • WiFi connectivity, including OTA system updates
  • Bluetooth connectivity for modern game Signature Edition, with legacy Expansion Port, Cassette Ports, Controller Ports, Printer Port, as well as VGA, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD card, and USB power, PCB personally signed by Sean Harrington, along with laser-etched signature on label.
  • 32Gb Aquarius+ Signature SD card with starter software
  • Micro USB cable for connectivity and power input (no power adapter included)

Note: This OPEN SOURCE system is in ACTIVE development, and may have unforseen issues, bugs, and quirks. Due to the limited resources of the development team, this unit is sold AS-IS. No refunds or returns will be issued.
Full details on the system, as well as downloads for system updates, a FREE EMULATOR, and other documentation are all available

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