NEWPRINT Vintage Computer Virtual Wi-Fi Printer for TRS-80/Apple II/Other For Sale

NEWPRINT Vintage Computer  Virtual Wi-Fi Printer for TRS-80/Apple II/Other
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NEWPRINT Vintage Computer Virtual Wi-Fi Printer for TRS-80/Apple II/Other:

NEWPRINT/MultiVirtual Wi-Fi printer with web-browser outputfor TRS-80/Apple II/Other
See for more details and 10% off when ordering from thereIncludes one interface cable. Please specify TRS-80, Apple II, or Centronics cable type in your purchase notes.Details
  • NEWPRINT/Multi is a Wi-Fi-enabled "virtual" printer adapter that connects to your computer's printer port and your local Wi-Fi network to send printer output to any device that supports a modern browser (iPad, Desktop PC, Mac, etc.).
  • The NEWPRINT web interface can show printer output as plain text, hexadecimal values, Print Shop graphics (Apple II), or Apple IIgs GS/OS graphics printing.
  • Text mode output does not (currently) understand special printer control codes used by most word processors (BOLD, multiple font sizes, Form Feed, etc.).
  • The NEWPRINT web interface is available from any browser on your local Wi-Fi network atnewprint.local
  • NEWPRINT uses the standard HTML WebSocket API so you can even write your own web-based or desktop interface for displaying and processing NEWPRINT output.

  • TRS80 Model 1/3/4/4p
  • Apple II+/IIe/IIgs with Grappler+ or compatible parallel printer card
  • Other vintage computers*
  • *Note: Other vintage computersmaywork with NEWPRINT if they support a standard parallel printer but a custom cable may be required. I have had reports of Atari and C64 machines working when used with a Supergraphix Centronics printer adapter. This support is not guaranteed as I do not have these machines to test with.

  • Wi-Fi requires a 2.4Ghz network. 5Ghz is not supported.
  • Apple II series require a Grappler+ (or compatible) parallel printer card
  • Note: A standard USB-to-Barrel jack power cable is included
  • TRS-80 is text only
  • Apple II series emulates a 4-Color Imagewriter printer with PDF output option
  • Apple II series supports text and Print Shop graphics
  • Apple IIgs supports Print Shop/GS and GS/OS graphics output (requires Harmonie printer drivers)
  • A nice review/overview by Brad Grier (here)

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