Open Source Intelligent  Atari ST/STE video port adapter For Sale

Open Source Intelligent  Atari ST/STE video port adapter

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Open Source Intelligent  Atari ST/STE video port adapter:

Open Source Intelligent Atari ST/STE video port adapter

Open source Credit:

All credit for original idea, hardware design, and firmware go toUrban Jonsson

Supported Computer Models:

This video port adapter is designed for use with Atari ST/STE computer systems.


Replaces custom Atari ST video cable with common VGA cable and 3.5mm audio cable.

This adapter converts from the Atari 13 Pin DIN connector to standard VGA pinout.

The video output is not processed to modify the scan rate of the video signal.

The video output remains at 15Khz.

A scan converter may be required to convert the video signal into a standard VGA signal which is support by almost all current monitors and TVs.

The relative RGB levels can be adjusted to improve video quality.

Updated firmware:

·Serial output for monitoring or debug (TTL level output)

o PB3(RX)

o PB4(TX)

·Auto save

o Saves current setting each time setting is changed

o No need to hold button for 2 seconds


Removed pulse detection used for software mode change


Plug Switch into Atari ST/STE

Plug VGA cable into Switch

Use RGB POTS to adjust color balance

Plug 3.5mm audio cable into headphone port

Used large POT to adjust audio level


Press button above VGA port to change between hi-res mono to color mode

After pressing button Atari ST will reboot

Video mode will be toggled upon reboot

Active video mode will be retained between reboots

  • Some ST machines do not generate 12V on Pin 8 of the video port
  • There is some uncertainty as to which specific models produced at which times Pin 8 is connected to GND rather than 12V
  • Such machines are not compatible with this powered switch

What you get:
  • 1 Switch board with updated Firmware
What you need:
  • VGA cable with male HD-15 connectors on each end
  • 1 3.5mm audio cable with male connector.
  • An Atari ST/STE
License Terms:
  • A donation equivalent to 2 euro will be made to the EFF and Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital for each switch sold

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