PCI Express AHCI SSD upgrade kit for Apple Mac Pro 2006-2010 with Heatsink SM951 For Sale

PCI Express AHCI SSD upgrade kit for Apple Mac Pro 2006-2010 with Heatsink SM951

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PCI Express AHCI SSD upgrade kit for Apple Mac Pro 2006-2010 with Heatsink SM951:

This is a ready to install PCI Express Solid State Drive kit for the Apple Mac Pro tower, or older pre-UEFI PC's. The Mac Pro tower only features SATA II hard drive bays, with maximum speeds of less than 300 MB/s, much less when overhead is taken in to account. SATA III cards can provide connectivity to full speeds of an SSD, but these are typically not bootable so are limited to storage usage only.
The best way to get bootable speeds above SATA II limitations is by using a PCI Express solid state drive such as this one! It is true that the Mac Pro 2010 can use NVM Express SSD's natively for High Sierra and newer after installing the Mojave firmware update, and the 2009 Mac Pro likewise can do the same if updated to 2010 firmware and the Mojave update. However, for running older operating systems, Sierra requires a special driver that also requires disabling SIP, and even older operating systems do not even have any support for third party NVME SSD's. The Mac Pro 2006-2008 have no firmware update for native NVME support. This AHCI solution will work as a lightning fast bootable system SSD in any Mac Pro tower running Mountain Lion or newer, or for Windows!
This particular SSD is a Samsung SM951 AHCI Version, known to be the fastest Non-NVME PCI Express SSD. When used in a PCI Express 2.0 slot (any slot in the Mac Pro 2009-2010, and bottom 2 slots in Mac Pro 2008) the card can see speeds of up to ~16500 MB/s read and ~1550 MB/s write, maxing out the PCI Express bus. When used in a PCI Express 1.0 x4 slot (Top 2 slots in the Mac Pro 2008, any slot if assigned in the Expansion Slot Utility in the Mac Pro 2006-2007) the card can see speeds of 750-1000 MB/s.
It can also be used in any older PC, that may not have received a firmware update for NVME support. UEFI PC's can have a firmware modification performed and flashed to add NVME boot support, but if that process is uncomfortable or too risky then this SSD is an alternate option. Pre-UEFI PC's do not have a simple way to add NVME support, so if you have an older PC you want to breathe new life in to, this SSD is a strong option for that. It is also a good option if you are wishing to run a Windows version that does not have built-in NVME support (such as Windows 7), this could also be an option.It is in fully working condition, and has been thoroughly tested for reliability and performance. It comes already mounted on a PCI Express card as pictured, with a heatsink also installed to ensure consistent speeds and long term reliability, as PCI Express SSD's can get quite hot in maintaining their performance and end up throttling without a heatsink. It comes ready to install, with no driver installation necessary in Mac OS or Windows!
Comes with the SSD already mounted on the PCI Express adapter as pictured. No other accessories or manuals are included.
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