Professionally restored & fully recapped Commodore 64 computer | NTSC C64 For Sale

Professionally restored & fully recapped Commodore 64 computer | NTSC C64
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Professionally restored & fully recapped Commodore 64 computer | NTSC C64:

Up for sale is a fully refurbished Commodore 64 computer (main unit only - no power supply). This a later model breadbin C64 (board revision 250425) in very good cosmetic condition, showcasing a well-maintained case and keyboard with minor scratches, scuffs/dents, and UV yellowing, as depicted in the accompanying pictures. Rest assured, everything is in optimal working condition. I have also installed heat sinks on the SID, VIC, and PLA chips for enhanced performance. The SID chip is an original MOS 6581 chip, fully tested and guaranteed to function flawlessly.

Fully Recapped: This C64 has undergone a complete recap, ensuring years of reliable use. I have replaced all the original electrolytic capacitors with modern, high-end replacements. It's crucial to note that the factory capacitors in these machines are nearly 40 years old and can fail without warning. Recapping eliminates potential issues such as poor video quality, glitchy graphics and sound, and even total system failure. By investing in a "refurbished" vintage computer, it's essential to ensure that it has undergone a comprehensive recap, which this machine has.

Fully Guaranteed: To guarantee your satisfaction, this Commodore 64 is fully guaranteed to work perfectly and continue running smoothly for years to come. Unlike other sellers who shy away from offering warranties or returns due to the product's age, I stand behind my machines and provide free domestic returns within 30 days. I'm also more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about these computers. With years of experience and a solid track record in the retro community, I have earned the trust and satisfaction of countless customers.

Why should you buy from me? I have been actively selling on for several years, specializing in refurbishing hundreds of Commodore computers. What started as a hobby has evolved into a passion for reviving these amazing retro machines and contributing to the thriving retro computer community. Throughout my journey, I have had the pleasure of connecting with numerous like-minded individuals, and I take immense pride in delivering top-quality restorations. My response speaks volumes about the satisfaction of my customers. By purchasing from me, you are choosing a lifelong fan of these computers who goes the extra mile to ensure excellence in every restoration.

During each refurbishment, I follow these comprehensive steps:

  • Complete disassembly: Thoroughly clean the case, motherboard, and components.
  • Deoxit treatment: Remove all socketed chips, treat sockets with Deoxit cleaner.
  • Socket installation: Install sockets for any previously unsocketed chips that need replacement.
  • Heat sink application: Apply fitted aluminum heat sinks to chips that require them (PLA, SID, and VIC).
  • SID chip testing: Verify the functionality of the SID chip on all voices and filters. Only machines with original MOS SID chips are sold.
  • Keyboard maintenance: Disassemble and clean the keyboard, then reassemble and test for functionality.
  • Extensive testing: Conduct several hours of testing using a diagnostic cartridge and a full diagnostic harness.
  • Quality assurance: Personally spend time playing retro games to ensure everything works flawlessly. Testing includes a 1571 floppy, an SD2IEC, and a Backbit cartridge.

Please note that this sale does not include a power supply. I strongly advise against using original Commodore power supplies as they are prone to sudden failures that can damage your valuable machines. I never use or test with original Commodore power supplies, and I recommend opting for reliable alternatives. I highly recommend Keelog power supplies, which you can easily find through a quick Google search. They offer excellent performance, reliability, and reasonable pricing.

I am genuinely passionate about repairing and updating these computers, and my response is a testament to the satisfaction of my previous buyers. I offer free returns and am readily available to answer any questions or engage in discussions through messages or email. Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries. Thank you for considering this sale, and happy offerding!

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