RARE 1977 Seals 8K SC-Z static ram S100 IMSAI ALTAIR - BOARD NO RAM For Sale

RARE 1977 Seals 8K SC-Z static ram S100 IMSAI ALTAIR - BOARD NO RAM

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RARE 1977 Seals 8K SC-Z static ram S100 IMSAI ALTAIR - BOARD NO RAM:

"The first 8-K that NEVER FORGETS."
Seals Electronics was one of the first third party suppliers of memory boards for Altair and IMSAI computers. Simple but rock solid design.A piece of vintage computer history!Solder mask - both sides, Fully buffered address and data lines, no wait states, Uses 2102 or AMD 91L02 Static memory. 500ns/250ns. Battery standby option.
Copy of original manual and schematicPDF available on request after sale.Board appears to be in clean condition with no corrosion. Board may have white or black RAM sockets.Note: It may have been a kit board. See photos.The board is compatible with ALTAIR 8800 and IMSAI 8080 as well as other S-100 systems. As-is - Untested - No returns.
2102 RAM is available from Unicorn Electronics and other vendors online in both 500ns and 250ns (low power) speeds.
From the estate of a long time Ham Radio operator, collector, and vintage electronics repair professional. Tag shows "OK" test date of 1982.
This is a vintage computer board - it is untested.
The board does NOT include the 64 x 2102 Static RAM chips required for operation.

This item is not offered as perfect, as it is more than 40 years old, with unknown history. Electrolytic and tantalum capacitors should be replaced before use.

Early microcomputers were known to have faults and require skilled technical knowledge to repair or operate properly.

Static electricity protection in handling is imperative during chip installation or repair.

This item is sold to collectors and technical experts in AS-IS CONDITION - NO RETURNS. Ask any questions before buying.

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