RARE 1984 APPLE MACINTOSH 128K Upgraded to 512K W/ ImageWriter & Accessories For Sale

RARE 1984 APPLE MACINTOSH 128K Upgraded to 512K W/ ImageWriter & Accessories

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RARE 1984 APPLE MACINTOSH 128K Upgraded to 512K W/ ImageWriter & Accessories:

An original Mac For the knowledgeable collector.
Rare, vintage January 1984 APPLE MACINTOSH 128K Model M0001 with accessories.Serial number (see photos) indicates this was built in week Four of 1984 and was number 2230 unit produced that week.That makes this one of the earliest MacIntosh models produced.
You'd be hard-pressed to find an original Mac with more accessories than this one.
I am the original owner. This Mac and ImageWriter were used from 1984 until 1990 and have been stored in a cabinet in my garage since then, unused and in their carrying cases.
Please check photos for everything that is included.
Upgraded to 512K and 800K disk drive by an authorized Apple dealer.Also includes Apple ImageWriter I with connecting cable in working condition - does self test print pattern and prints from MacDraw.New Batteryincluded -to save system settings such as date and time.
Included are Mac, keyboard, mouse, ImageWriter, aftermarket carrying cases, power cord and connecting cables , used and unused diskettes, software (and manuals), slip cover for the Mac and the ImageWriter, Small amount of pin-feed paper for ImageWriter. The Mac has an anti-theft bolt installed on back (run cord through this to stationary object to secure it)
Software for System Boot, MacWrite, MacDraw, Microsoft Basic, Microsoft Multiplan (spreadsheet),Borland Reflex(!)databaseSee videos of Mac and ImageWriter in action with links below. (These videos are on my youtube channel under thisoldgeek).Use "open link in new tab" if click doesn't work.
Restarting MacIntosh After 30 Years in Storage
Restarting Apple ImageWriter I After 30 Years in StorageCarrying cases for MacIntosh and ImageWriter, notApple branded. Mac case in photo is similar to case supplied.
The photo with disk labelled "WORKING SYSTEM" boots and has MacWriteThe other disk in that photo is for MacDraw and was tested to print to the ImageWriter
Turns on, screen is bright, chime sounds.Of course, on a 37 year old computer, there are:
Known Issues
  • Disk won't eject from menu, must use a fat-wire paper clip to eject manually. This happens often with Macs of this vintage.
  • Tested to load System Disk, MacWrite and MacDraw
  • Screen sometimes goes dark, but comes back with tap on the left side of case - likely loose connection, but could mean video subsystem needs repair. Shipping/handling may make this worse, but is usable at present. See video in action from link below
  • Video is centered but vertical and horizontal size don't completely fill the screen. There is an adjustment for this on the motherboard, but you'd have to open the case.
  • ImageWriter does print from Mac for catalog listing and MacDraw (see video links below), but could not get MacWrite to print. My guess is this is a software issue, as it prints fine otherwise.

NOTE: Vintage item, No Returns/No Refunds/As Isand only for USA Buyers.
SHIPPING: UPS Ground 1-5 days in two boxes, buyer pays shipping. Will try to mark boxes: Mac = 1 of 2; Printer = 2 of 2.
Computer wasprofessionally packed/padded for shipmentby the UPS Store. ImageWriter not professionally packed.

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