Rare IBM 4381 MCM - Multi-Chip Module (TCM,System/370,Mainframe,Microprocessor For Sale

Rare IBM 4381 MCM - Multi-Chip Module (TCM,System/370,Mainframe,Microprocessor

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Rare IBM 4381 MCM - Multi-Chip Module (TCM,System/370,Mainframe,Microprocessor:

About this Listing:
This listing is for a rare IBM 4381 MCM (Multi-Chip Module). In the 1980's IBM produced the 4381 as a part of the System/370 architecture mainframes. It was the largest of the IBM's air cooled mainframes.The IBM 4381 Processor was one of the most powerful and versatile intermediate system processors ever produced by IBM. Its system capabilities enabled the 4381 to address an expanded range of user requirements in addition to providing growth for users of smaller, intermediate system processors.The compact packaging and the performance of the 4381 Processor were made possible through the use of a new module-on-board packaging technique that replaces the card-on-board packaging in the instruction processing unit. Impingement air cooling, a new concept in processor cooling ensured adequate cooling of the high-density Multi-Chip Modules using only room-temperature air as the cooling medium.
The Multi-Chip Module was 64mm square and contained 36 individual chips. The chips were cooled by blowing/impinging air directly on the package. TheEscher-like cooling towers allowed the cooled air to move throughout the MCM structure efficiently cooling all the chips. This module was mounted on the 4381 system board along with about 20 other similar MCMs to complete one 4381 mainframe. In the 1980's these MCMs would had a value of about $50K each. Most 4381 MCMs have beendestroyedfor their gold.This chip is in excellent condition. This is one of the most interesting chip modules that IBM has produced. It is a must have for processor collectors!

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