Set of Six Cisco Fiber Transceivers (SFP-10G-SR) For Sale

Set of Six Cisco Fiber Transceivers (SFP-10G-SR)

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Set of Six Cisco Fiber Transceivers (SFP-10G-SR):


Tester: Roderick Date: 6/21/2022 T4T #: 17360

Physical Condition (Grade)A (9-10)No broken items, deep scratches, or dents. In like new condition.B (7-8)No broken items. Minor scratches or dents from
normal wear and tear.C (4-6)Minor breakage not affecting the functionality of
the equipment. May include more significant
scratches or dents, but which do not interfere with
operation.D (1-3)Major scratches, broken parts like missing keys,
other missing pieces. Repairable TypeFiber TransceiversPower CableN/AColorSilverTestedNo*If the component is not included, it is not tested - unless otherwise described
Size10GCables IncludedN/APackagingBagged and BoxedDescription/Additional InfoThere are six (6) transceivers. The transceivers all have port covers. These items are untested by TechForTroops Staff.This.......This checklist is used to facilitate and record the testing of used laptops for key functionality.Tester Notes:DO NOT PURCHASE FROM US IF YOU ARE USING A FORWARDING COMPANY. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL VOID OUT ALL RETURN POLICIES AND SALE IS FINAL.
  • Any failures of the key functions that cannot be repaired in testing may not be evaluated by T4T
  • Listings marked for parts may have missing screws, HD caddy, or other parts removed
  • NA - not inspected, untested, or not included
  • All devices that include a Hard Drive are using a WIPED drive.
    After each drive is wiped, Windows 10 is imaged to the computer.
    Some of the images will have a custom T4T theme applied - however, no personal data will be on the drive.


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Since then we've grown to support veterans nationwide and continue to look for ways to offer workforce support and training.


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