Tapecart SD Mini For Commodore 64 C64 For Sale

Tapecart SD Mini For Commodore 64 C64

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Tapecart SD Mini For Commodore 64 C64:

Tapecart SD loads PRG,TCRT and P00 files at incredible speeds.TAP files at regular tape speeds.
No tiny screen,no buttons.You will use the built in browser to easily find what you want.
This device is based on 5 open source projects.Thanks to the creator and developers of the followingTapuino by sweetlilmreTapecart by Unseen and enthusiTapecart SD by KimJorgensenTAP support by Kasbert
DraBrowse by Draco
This is a simple,easy to use and quick SD card reader for Commodore 64.It can only read single load .PRG,.P00 and .TCRT files which covers majority of the C64 software.If you'd like to play a multiload game,search CSDB for Tapecart.You will find many big titles like Defender of the Crown,Creatures,Mayhem in Monsterland etc. in TCRT format.You can also use a tape version in .TAP format.
This device takes a micro SD Card which is NOT included with this sale.Visit the following link for the setup buyers,it will be sent by 2nd Class Large Letter.You should receive it in 2 to 5 days.
International buyers,if you choose economy delivery,it will be sent by AirmailStandard NO TRACKING.It might take from 7 days upto 8 weeks to arrive.
If you want tracking,choose the tracked delivery at the checkout.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Does it work with PET,VIC20,C16,C Plus 4,C128?
It works with Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 in C64 mode only.
  • Does it support disk images like D64,D71,D81?
Thisdevice is not a floppy drive emulator.It doesn't support any diskimages.You can extract the PRG files from disk images using the programcalled DirMaster.But keep in mind,it will work with single load programsonly.If there are more than 1 PRG file in a disk image,it is verylikely a multi load game.You will need SD2IEC or PI1541.
  • Does it support TAP files?
Yes,it supports loading of TAP files but saving is not supported.
  • Does it support T64 files?
T64 files are usually containers with PRG files inside.You can extract the PRG's using the DirMaster.
  • What is TCRT file format and what is it good for?
TCRT files are similar to RAR/ZIP archives.It contains all the PRG files inside.Tapecart SD file browser can only display filenames upto 12 characters long.If it is longer,it makes it unreadable.You can shorten the filenames one by one or convert all your PRG files into TCRT bundles.If it is in TCRT,it displays 16 characters and it doesn't make it unreadable.Converting PRG files into TCRT is very easy.You will find the documentation at the LOAD64 support forum.
  • Can it save to SD card?
Saving function is not supported.You will need to use a modern device to organise your SD card.Exception,some games released in TCRT format can save the highscores.
  • I don't want to buy a ready made one.Can I DIY?
Sure.This is an open source project.

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